Top 7 cheap nutritional foods

We all know that eating healthy is often said to be really expensive but in reality, this really isn’t the case. Here are 7 nutritional foods that don’t upset your bank balance and taste amazing at the same time!

1. Frozen berries

Frozen fruit and veg are frozen as soon as they can be so that all the nutrients are locked in. This means that frozen berries are just as nutritional and tasty as fresh ones and can be up to half the price. They’re great to use in baking, smoothies and as a topper for oatmeal. ‌

2. Brown rice

Brown rice is the less refined version of white rice, it’s as simple as that. And although there isn’t huge differences in terms of the calories and nutrition that they provide, brown rice still has a lot of the ‘natural wholeness’ that it’s meant to. It also has a low glycemic rating which means that it won’t give you a spike in insulin, or blood sugar, like white rice does. Brown rice is also rich in selenium, manganese, antioxidants, fibre and natural oils. Winner!

3. Tinned & frozen fish

Just like frozen fruit and veg, fish is frozen as fresh as it can be so that it’s the best product that you can buy. White fish such as pollock and basa are really cheap alternatives to the more expensive cod and haddock and taste really similar. They also take on flavour really well so can be a great way to up protein in your diet but still make tasty meals like curries and stir fry on the cheap! Tinned tuna is another great cheap food that has so much protein in it. It’s also really versatile. You can make everything from fish cakes to pasta bakes!

4. Lentils & chickpeas

Pulses are a great source of protein and fibre, especially if you aren’t a meat eater. They make great meals such as falafel and are good bases for soups and curries too. You can either buy them pre-soaked in tins or ready to soak at home in big bags for even cheaper!‍‌

5. Oats

We hear a lot about oats, and for good reason! Oats are a slow-releasing carbohydrate and are a great way to start the day or to include in baking such as muffins and breakfast bars to have as snacks. This is a great way to save money, why not try making your own granola or cereal bars? You’ll save money and be consuming a lot less sugar than in your ready made alternatives.

6. Eggs

Protein and healthy fats are the main benefits of eggs, they’re packed with both of them and are such a good basis for all meals, not just breakfast! Try whipping up a frittata with roasted vegetables or singular quiche cups as quick and easy snacks. With 7g of protein per egg, these babies are great for keeping you full during the day.

7. Chopped tomatoes

Chopped tomatoes are the basis of so many tasty meals. You can make a simple sauce with them just by chopping an onion and adding some garlic and herbs. Toss this with some pasta and tinned tuna and sprinkle some feta cheese on top and you have a delicious meal that’s super quick and also packs a serious nutritional punch! Also, the cheapest, grocery store own brand versions of chopped tomatoes usually have the least amount of added sugar and salt in them compared to branded options.   Hero Image Source

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