10 Reasons To Follow Us On Snapchat

That's right people! We are now LIVE on Snapchat @unidays_us.  Not sure if we're worth your follow?  Well I've got 10 pretty awesome reasons as to why you should!

1. See It Here First

Want to know about all your favorite brands offering even bigger discounts before anyone else? You can if you follow us on Snapchat! Article_Snapchat_ASOS

2. There May Or May Not Be Pranks

We can neither confirm nor deny that there may or may not be a prank or two taking place on Snapchat.  I guess you'll just have to follow to find out! Article_Snapchat_Dan

3. We Go Behind The Scenes

From sneaky office parties, to Twitter Quizzes to awesome press events; see it all on Snapchat.

4. There's Gonna Be Takeovers!

From student, to blogger, to event takeovers. Oh, we're gonna have so much fun!

5. Cake, Lots Of Cake

Article_Snapchat_Cake You might be aware of our Cake Thursdays: 4 UNiDAYS® employees bake cakes for everyone on Thursday.  It's a great end of week treat which we want to share with you, plus we've got some seriously strong bakers in the office that we just want to show off.

6. We're Gonna Be Funny

We already know that we're funny, and now we can share the laughs with you via Snapchat!

7. A Chance To Win!

Who doesn't love a good contest? And with more contests, there's more chances of winning!

8. Exclusive Snapchat Discounts

Want EXCLUSIVE Snapchat offers from your favorite brands? All you've got to do is follow us!

9. Guest Appearances From Our Favorite Furry Friends

Prepare yourself folks! We've got some super cute furry UNiDAYS® friends that you won't want to miss!

10. All The Celebrity Face Swaps

Like that time THE Gigi Hadid took over our Snapchat account for an hour! Lol JK, that was just me... Article_Snapchat_Gigi   Well if that hasn't persuaded you to give us a follow, I don't know what will! Blog-Perk-Snapchat

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