Tom Odell: the interview

Our buddies over at Sony Music have hooked us up with a little Q & A with Tom Odell after our contest earlier in the year. We're delving deep into the brain of one of our fav artists. Read on!

@natalie_christy0773: What things, aside from music, are you passionate about?

I’m very passionate about literature. I like words, and sometimes just a simple phrase by an author can say the thing you’ve been thinking your whole life but never been able to say. Reading is calming as well, it puts my thoughts in order when they feel like a bunch of tangled up wires.

@rubynestor: What is something you must bring with you while you are on this tour traveling?

I find with each year I tour, there seem to be more and more items I must have with me. But to be honest, I’d been fine without them. As long as I have a sharp razor blade and a clean pair of boxer shorts, I can do a show.

@rubynestor: What is your spirit animal?

I’ve never really thought about that before. But I’d like it to be a tortoise, a really old one that moves slowly across the grass. They look like they think a lot, and yet never get stressed about anything. I’d like channel that spirit.

@rubynestor: What are your final thoughts before releasing a new song?

F**k, everybody’s going to hate it….

@bbehindtherose Ellie Colston: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on tour so far?

My trousers ripped in a rather vulnerable area on stage in Swindon the other day. It was just before the encore so I think I got away with it. I always a pair standing by now.

@MarieC06324069 Marie L: Do you have a lucky charm?

I have a lucky pen that I have used to write pretty much every one of my songs for the past 5 years. I lost it in a studio once, and I had to turn the whole place upside down to find it. It turned out, I left it at home.

@Lucyevanns Lucy Evans: Tea or coffee?

Tea, 7 days a week.

@MessedUpKidsHS Kineta: does every show give off different vibes?? What's your favorite kind of crowd to perform to?

Every show is very different, and that's what makes this job so exciting. My favorite kind of audience is when we are all in the same mood, every person in the room and myself. It means we go on the same journey throughout the show, and it feels very much like we all sort of forget ourselves in the moment. It's the perfect kind of escapism and really beautiful when it happens.

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