Tiffany Pollard AKA New York : why her meme’s will forever be our mood

I love New York

Tiffany Pollard is an outspoken personality that first captured our hearts and some of Flavor Flav's in the VH1 classic Flavor of Love. From the humble beginning she was relatable. This resulted in New York being the face of many viral memes and gifs which have truly stood the test of time. It's hard to think of a mood we have not seen Tiffany emote on live television. To be honest we have seen it all from her. From her heart eyes for Flavor Flav and her seriousness when discussing Kanye’s demons. If you haven’t heard about the “demons in Mr.West’s knee caps” that's a whole other blog, but it is a theory our current subject came up with. As you can see Tiffany is as outspoken as the big city.

New York has really shown the realness we all feel sometime or another. So here's to New York, the rest of us, and the moods we all have:

On Fleek

An image Gif source

Just Plain Bored

An image Gif source


An image Gif source

Anger With Accessory

An image Gif source

Queen Petty

An image Gif source


An image Gif source


An image Gif source

Stressed & Over It

An image Gif source

Resting Work Face

An image Gif source

Not Petty, Just Gorgeous (and better)

An image Gif source An image Gif source An image Gif source

Ready To Spill The Tea

An image Gif source

All The Feels

An image Gif source

What New York are you today?

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