The weirdest moments from The Bachelor season premiere

Will you accept this rose?

30 women entered, and they did it in some crazy ways. The Bachelor premiered last night and, while most are talking about their guesses as to who Colton will marry, I am still focused on some of the entrances that people made. These are some of the craziest I’ve seen thus far.

1. Demi

Demi was the first out of the limo, and she started off the introductions with a bang by saying “I have not dated a virgin since I was 12”. In case you somehow missed it, Colton has made it very clear that he is a virgin. It seems like Demi really just wanted to talk about that topic.

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2. Heather

Heather didn’t do anything too crazy when she left the limo. The thing that caught my eye, though, was that she listed her profession as “never been kissed." Is this Drew Barrymore?

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3. Caelynn

Caelynn stepped out of the limo ready to compete in the Miss America pageant. Not just cause she looked great, but she was actually wearing her Miss North Carolina sash. To add a little flair, she then turned the sash around to show the real title she wanted, "Miss Underwood." Although...wouldn’t that make her his sister?

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4. Caitlin

Caitlin also didn’t shy away from the topic of Colton’s virginity. She brought a red balloon then proceed to give it to Colton and pop it. She followed it up with, “now that I've popped your cherry, we don’t have to talk about it anymore”. Well, honey, if you didn’t want to talk about it, why did you pop a balloon in his face?

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5. Katie

Katie was the last one (for now...) to bring up Colton's virginity. She had Colton do a card trick with her. She had him take a card and guess what it was. Then, when she took it back, she followed up with, “I took your V card”.

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6. Alex D.

Oh Alex, my favorite. She left the limo dressed as a sloth (apparently one of Colton’s favorite animals). She was very dedicated to being a sloth, and proved it by walking slowly up to Colton, listing her profession as "Sloth," and even sitting in a tree at one point in time.

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7. Bri

Bri made quite the impression with her Australian accent. Come to find out later though that her accent is fake, she just wanted to make an impression on Colton. If she makes it, is she going to keep talking that way the whole time?

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8. Hannah G

Hannah got Colton a gift: an empty box. She prefaced the gift by saying she got him his favorite underwear and then the box was empty. She did her homework and found out that Colton apparently doesn’t like underwear. Well, he liked her gift enough because spoiler alert, she got the first impression rose.

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9. Jane

Jane brought a photo of her dog to show Colton. She also photoshopped a photo of Colton’s dog into the picture to show that their dogs can also be in a relationship, just like them.

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10. Catherine

Catherine must have heard that Jane was bringing a picture of her dog and wanted to one-up her, because she brought her actual dog! She even asked Colton to KEEP the dog while she was in the competition! Like, what?!

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11. Erin

The last to appear and definitely not least was Erin, who rode up in a horse and carriage. Just like Alex was dedicated to her role of a sloth, Erin put her profession as "Cinderella," and even left a shoe with Colton as she walked away.

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