8 shows to binge over winter break

Namaste in bed (and watch Netflix)

Already getting bored with winter break? Try out any of these 7 shows, they’ll keep you entertained until it's time to go back to school...or at least until you watch all of it.

1. Schitt's Creek (Netflix)

While this show may initially seem like a knockoff of Arrested Development, it's soooo much more than that. It's an easy, lighthearted watch full of characters that you absolutely fall in love with immediately. I finished all four seasons on Netflix in one weekend (and another season is coming soon!). You wish the episodes could be longer than half an hour!

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2. Game of Thrones (HBO)

This show will definitely keep you entertained. With 7 seasons of hour-long episodes and complex plots, you won’t be thinking about anything else all break. Even better yet, the new season is coming out this year so you can finally catch up and be part of the in-crowd! Plus, you'll finally understand why everyone is always saying, “winter is coming”.

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3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

Do you love shows that have a strong female lead and hilarious jokes? Well, then you're in luck because The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has all that and so much more. With two seasons available, it will keep you so content even if you only have a short amount of break left!

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4. Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

Who doesn’t love everything having to do with the Brits? In this show not only do you get their fun accents, but you get to watch people make some truly amazing pastries. I prefer the earlier seasons with Mel, Sue, Mary Berry and the infamous Paul Hollywood. The challenges do get crueler as the seasons go on, but sometimes it's more fun that way! My favorite aspect of the show, though, is how nice everyone is to each other. They aren’t trying to sabotage each other, but instead they help their competitors when they fall behind.

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5. Psych (Amazon Prime)

So, this is an old show, but sometimes those are the best to binge because you can watch every episode and not worry about waiting for the new ones come out. This show follows a guy who tells people that he is a psychic. Spoiler alert, he just has a great memory and can pick up things that some people don’t notice. It’s pretty cool to see the little details he finds.

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6. Sharp Objects (HBO)

If you think the other shows are too happy-go-lucky, then this is the show for you. It tells the story of a journalist who returns home after a young girl is murdered in her hometown. The twists and turns of this show, along with the cliffhanger endings of the episodes, will have you racing through this show.

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7. Brooklyn 99 (Hulu)

Andy Samberg, what a genius you are. This show follows a police precinct in Brooklyn with some of the worst cops we’ve seen. There are few episodes of Brooklyn 99 where I don’t end up cracking up at some point in time. It also just recently came back to NBC after being canceled by Fox. It can’t be stopped!

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8. Jeopardy (Netflix)

Jeopardy is the perfect show to have on for any occasion. You can pay attention and test your knowledge, or just put it on in the background for noise. Either way, you and Alex Trebek could be spending your whole winter break together. What could be better?!

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Happy binging!

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