The truth about fashion school

Have you been dreaming of living in the big city? Do you spend your time scrolling through the latest street style sites or designing costumes for your drama club? The fashion world is a mix of the highly glossed ­over show The Hills meets The Devil Wears Prada. If you’re thinking about applying to a top U.S. fashion school, here is some of my best advice for those applying or accepted.

1. Fashion isn’t the easy way out

It’s actually a lot of hard work. Some of the hardest work I’ve done in my life but in the end it is so worth it if it’s what you love. Students attending colleges such as the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons take about 7 classes or more each semester while also working and interning. Before applying, make sure you are truly passionate about the field before committing all of your time to it. Remember that as soon as you start college, you’re stepping straight into the business. So go and make that LinkedIn! ‌

2. Grab every opportunity

But know your limits! Start off by joining a club that interests you, volunteer at New York Fashion Week, apply to internships (the more on your resume the better), and make connections! Even the people sitting next to you in class could be your new best friend or potentially help you down the road. Say “yes” to everything you can but learn to say “no” when you can’t handle taking on too much more. The opportunities at fashion colleges are endless thanks to professors who have worked in the industry for years. ‌

3. Get over what other people think

In cities such as New York you are able to be who you truly are. You can express yourself through your style ­whether it’s flare jeans, a pink bob, or sweats. No one at college will judge you because we are all creatives. Everyone has their own interests and little “side gig”. For example, if you love fashion and writing but were worried you would be made fun of in high school, get over it and create a blog! The best advice I could give is to stop caring about what others think and make it happen. You never know where life will take you if you don’t at least try. ‌

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