The trendiest gift guide for your trendiest friends

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We all have that friend who is just way cooler than us, which makes it super stressful to shop for them. What if they already have it? What if they don't like it? What if I'm not as trendy as I thought I was?? So many things to think about! Well, lucky for you, we've compiled the perfect list of things that your trendiest friend will looove. Take notes for yourself, too!

Prosecco Pong

For the sophisticated and fun friend in your life, the best possible gift you can get them is a game like Prosecco pong, and we found it at Nasty Gal for next to nothing. The best kind of gift to give is the kind that you can enjoy too, right? An image

An earring set

What’s better than getting them one pair of earrings? Getting them NINE PAIRS OF EARRINGS. Grab a cute set like this one from H&M and you’ll be giving them 9 gifts for the price of one. Tbh I don’t even have 9 pairs of earrings. An image

A tee dress

Tee dresses are so in right now, as is everything Adidas. Mix the best of both worlds together and get them an Adidas tee dress like this one. It can be worn to lounge around or even paired with knee high boots and worn on a night out. All they’ll have to do is throw it on and go, which is perfect if they’re not the biggest morning person. An image

Some chic slippers

Keep them cozy AND cute with some insta-worthy slippers from UGG. They can choose to reserve them for indoor use, or they can wear them on quick trips to the grocery store or long nights in the library. Everyone knows you have to stay trendy around the clock An image

A trendy raincoat

Just because the weather is bad, your friend shouldn’t have to be frumpy. There are cute rain jackets out there, and Reebok is here to prove it! We love this pullover jacket that could honestly be worn any day of the week, regardless of the weather. The light beige color keeps it classy and the drawstring waist makes sure it keeps a flattering shape. An image

A cute tote

Everyone needs a tote bag. It doesn’t matter how many tote bags I own (and I own MANY), I will never be upset about getting a new tote bag. If your friend feels the same way, get them an elegant one like this oversized one from American Apparel. The plain black text is so chic, the different cities listed will make your friend look like such a world traveler, and it’s big enough to carry everything they’ll need. Plus, isn’t that handle cute?? An image

A Kim Kardashian wisdom book

Every trendy friend needs some Kim wisdom in their life. Thanks to ASOS, you can give them just that. Pick up this little book of deep, wise quotes like, “I’m obsessed with contouring. My nose is a completely different nose because of contouring.” Not to be dramatic, but this book will literally fix every problem in their life. Maybe. An image


There’s no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses (I don’t make the rules), so if you want to be the friend of the year, you can feed into their sunnies fetish. The Erika Classic from Ray-Ban is pretty reasonably priced AND it’s super cute. Besides, you get a student offer, anyway so why not?? An image

Shop this guide here!

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