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We all have some very different types of people in our lives, so making a generic “mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, significant other” gift guide doesn’t always make sense. So, We’re here to help you shop for the people in your life with different interests and styles. Hope we included everyone on your list!

The athlete

An image For your pal or relative that’s always at practice, the best thing you can do is give them some good gear. The Galaxy watch from Samsung, for example, can go with them from class to crew practice without skipping a beat. It’s built for people on the go, and can even help them track their workouts. A nice workout shirt is always a safe bet, too, and we’re obsessed with this one from Reebok. It’s soft, breathable, and much cuter than their high school basketball tee they probably wear for most workouts. For something they can wear on the field and in class, we recommend the ColdGear Reactor Hybrid jacket from Under Armour. It has a flattering fit, and isn’t going to weigh them down. If you want to get them something they can lounge in, why not go sporty with a rugby shirt from American Apparel? It’ll be cozy, soft, and very on-brand for them. And, because nobody can ever have enough sneakers, head to Adidas and pick up some Terrex Agravic Speed Shoes that will help them with whatever they're doing that day.

The fashionista

An image Whether you have a fashionista or fashionisto in your life, there are some great ways to make sure they get gifts that are just as glam as them. Denim jackets are always a safe bet, and we love this one from American Apparel. Obviously sunglasses are the finishing touch to any good outfit, so help them round out their wardrobe with a pair of Nina sunglasses by Ray-Ban (we have these and we’re OBSESSED). Obviously you need to make sure their dorm/apartment is as chic as can be, so we recommend picking up a mini light box from Nasty Gal that they can write their own fun messages on to make for great Insta material. And, for the days when they want to be cute yet cozy, there’s no better option than a pair of UGG’s classic short boots.

The musician

An image It can be hard having a musician in your life, because buying music for someone with really specific taste is risky. Instead, just help them optimize their listening experience while looking cool! A good pair of headphones like the Sport Wireless Train (Project Rock edition) from Under Armour can help them get great sound quality wherever they are, whether it’s the gym or the library. If you’ve got a little extra cash lying around, running to Samsung and picking up a Galaxy Tablet will help them to get their work done and listen to their music with high audio quality at the same time. Finally, to make sure they actually look the part, We’re obsessed with Ray-Ban’s classic Clubmaster Metal sunglasses and these Campus ADV sneakers from Adidas. So, whether your friend is more of a musician or a listener, they’ll have everything they need (and the few things they probably didn’t already have).

The binge-watcher

An image For that person who is always binging Netflix, we recommend optimizing their comfort for them. You can run to Sam’s Club to get a super soft and inexpensive faux-fur throw that they can snuggle up in while they watch. While you’re there, make sure to pick up a Movie Night Mania gift set, which will give them all the popcorn and candy they need for their movie nights.You can never have too many slippers (and your friend definitely agrees), so grab a cozy pair of Scuffette slippers from UGG that will keep them walking on air all day, every day. And, to go with those slippers, how about a pair of super-soft tube socks, courtesy of American Apparel? Netflix subscription not included (unless you want to be the friend of the century).

The self-care guru

An image We all have that one friend who is always focused on self-care, and who makes us jealous of their constant state of zen. So, when shopping for this friend, we’d recommend picking up 2 of everything so you can pamper yourself, too! You need to head to Sam’s Club first to pick up a face mask pack that will allow them to test out the different kinds.
If they’re into zen meditation and yoga, we recommend a good yoga mat, and we found a great one at Reebok. Everyone loves SOME sort of hot beverage, so grabbing them a cute mug would be helpful and cute. We love this one from Nasty Gal, and think it could be very helpful in reminding your friend to be f*cking nice to themselves (and others, obviously). Finally, getting them something soft and cozy that they can feel their best in is a great idea. We looove this Wanderlust onesie by Adidas!

The activist

An image For the person in your life who is always trying to make the world around them a better place, the best gift you can give them is the knowledge that you support them. We’ve found some pretty cute things that will help communicate that message while giving them some really cool stuff. A shirt from American Apparel like this one is not only cute, but it will remind the people nearby to not be jerks. Getting them a reusable water bottle, like this metal one from Reebok will help them save the planet by reducing their plastic use, and then you can even get them reusable bags like a lunchbox or backpack, both of which can be found at Under Armour. They’ll last a while and will help carry so much so your environmentally conscious friend may never need to use a paper or plastic bag to carry anything again!

The friend who’s a little bit basic

An image Everyone has a little bit of basic-ness inside of them...but some have a little more than others. For your friend who was born with a little extra drop of basic in them, we recommend some things that will look great on their Instagram pages and will help them maintain their basic lifestyles. Obviously they need a good notebook that they can post pics of when they get stressed out, because the support of their insta followers will comfort them. We love this one from Nasty Gal that will remind them of how much they have to do that they’re procrastinating on. If they need a little boost of coffee (and if they’re willing to skip Starbucks for the day), Sam’s Club has an incredible coffee break gift basket. Everyone needs a basic pair of sunglasses, so you should treat them to a pair of Ray-Ban’s classic wayfarers. Lastly, for a fun (and instagrammable) night in, get them a cute game like Pong Wars from Nasty Gal. Who can resist the cute little plastic cups and prosecco glasses it comes with?!

Who did we miss on your gifting list?? Let us know!

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