The new UNiDAYS app: Are you ready for it?

The New U is here

If you’re an avid UNIDAYS app user, you may have noticed that in the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a bit of a facelift.

Maybe you saw it and you were like, “ooooh!” or maybe you were like, “ewww….” Or, maybe, you were just like “” and then you moved on with your life, totally unphased.

But, if you saw it and were like, “AHHH THIS IS DIFFERENT I’M SCARED,” fear not. Everything you loved about the UNiDAYS app over the years is still here- but now we’ve added MORE cool stuff. Let’s take a little walk through the new UNiDAYS app together.

The feed

Our new look is nothing unfamiliar to you: it’s just a timeline. You scroll down the page and see things we post. Pretty simple.

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The discounts aren’t going anywhere!

We know you love our discounts, and our brand partners do, too. Now, you’re in charge of what you want to see. You can choose to “follow” a brand so you’ll get updated when they offer a new perk, and you’ll get to see the cool content they post on their site.

Our brand partners want to get closer to you, and interact with you more than they ever have before. This is your chance to engage with the brands you love (and get a sweet discount, too).

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Time to engage!

Our new app allows you to engage and become part of the fun. From fun polls, to partner giveaways, to a new “react” button, to your own curated “favorites” feed, it’s time for you to make the UNiDAYS app your own.

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The New U is here, and we’re ready to try new things. Stay tuned in our app to find out about unique giveaways, to engage in polls, and to interact with your favorite brands like you can’t anywhere else. We’re here to be a one-stop shop for everything you need to make your life as a student more fun, more rewarding, and more educated. So LET’S GET GOIN’.

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