THE most wonderful time of the year


I know, you're probably thinking to yourself "Why should I care about Thirstmas? What do I get from it?". Well my friend, Thirstmas is the most wonderful time of year where you get to feast your eyes on not just one celeb hottie but 25!! That's right. Here at UNiDAYS we're celebrating Thirstmas in a big way. After careful calculation, the following list is bringing you one absolutely gorgeous man for each day of Christmas. Is the list in a particular order? No but it IS covering all levels of thirst from the artistic type to the All-American hunk. So go on, treat yourself. You look parched. An image Gif source

1. Timothée Chalamet

He's the reason I saw Call Me By Your Name three times. Also check out the statistics rap by Lil Timmy Tim to truly embrace his awkward charm. An image Gif source

2. Chris Hemsworth

He is THOR and you can't have a thirst list without the god of Thunder. I highly recommend you see Thor: Ragnarok as there's more to Chris than his body. He's also f*cking hilarious. An image Gif source

3. Bill Skarsgård

I opted for the younger Skarsgård as he has had a banner year. The collective thirst the internet has for both Pennywise and Bill is absolutely astounding, but one look at his face and you can see why. An image Gif source

4. Armie Hammer

When I found out he didn't have a twin, I was devastated. However, Armie has also had an amazing year and is finally getting the credit he deserves. Plus his legs in Call Me By Your Name almost deserve a list all their own (80s short shorts? Yes please!). An image Gif source

5. Charles Melton

He was hot as Mr. Wu on American Horror Story and is EVEN HOTTER as Reggie from Riverdale. Charles deserved a place on this list for his smile alone. An image Gif source

6. Oscar Isaac

The world has been sleeping on Oscar. Enter his foray into the Star Wars Universe and the world has suddenly realized that yes, he is beautiful. An image Gif source

7. Idris Elba

Should there be more Idris in the world? Absolutely. Should he be James Bond? Also yes. Pretty much anything that gives me more Idris is a good thing. An image Gif source

8. KJ Apa

There are not one, but two Riverdale boys on this list. While some may thirst after Cole Sprouse, KJ is the REAL reason to watch. When you look at him, you can see why Betty and Veronica are constantly at battle for his affections. An image Gif source

9. Darren Criss

I cannot wait for The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story because there's gonna be a lot of Darren (and that's not just about how much screen time he's getting). Two words: red speedo. An image Gif source

10. Harry Styles

What can I say about my love for Harry Styles? There really aren't words. Are his tattoos stupid? Yes. Does that keep me from wanting to look at him, no. An image Gif source

11. Chris Evans

CAPTAIN AMERICA. THAT IS ALL. (Although here he is as the Human Torch which is pretty much perfect to explain his charisma). An image Gif source

12. Shawn Mendes

I'm not sure when it happened but Shawn is certainly working his way up the hotness ranks. One day I was singing along to "Stitches" and the next... the thirst set in. An image Gif source

13. Cody Christian

If Teen Wolf taught me one thing, it's that the casting director knew what they were doing. His name may be a little unfortunate sounding but it doesn't detract from the beauty of this gif. An image Gif source

14. Robert Sheehan

This was the dark horse of Thirstmas. Check out Misfits and everything will make sense. He's also currently dating Sofia Boutella who is also equally thirstworthy. An image Gif source

15. Henrik Holm

The Norwegian web-series Skam rocked the Internet this past year and from it came Henrik. Subtle in his acting, he has eyes you cannot wait to get lost in. An image Gif source

16. Dacre Montgomery

How dare someone be this beautiful. Yes his Instagram aesthetic is a little off but nothing can take away how gorgeous this Aussie is. An image Gif source

17. Ryan Gosling

All you have to do is watch the Notebook and suddenly all you want in life is to be the Allie to his Noah. An image Gif source

18. Zac Efron

HE IS A TRIPLE THREAT! If that's not enough to thirst after... his abs may convince you otherwise. An image Gif source

19. Dave Franco

He is the hotter Franco and I refuse to hear otherwise. An image Gif source

20. Sebastian Stan

Just one smile from him and the world melts. Plus his run in Picnic was just... chef's kiss An image Gif source

21. Nyle Dimarco

Winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 22 and continuous winner of my heart. An image Gif source

22. Cameron Boyce

Disney knows what it's doing when it casts its shows. I expect big things from him. He's 18 so thirst away. An image Gif source

23. Jason Momoa

He is also my sun and my stars. Lisa Bonet did good with her husband and for once, Aquaman is not the butt of anyone's jokes. An image Gif source

24. Prince Harry

Although he may now be engaged to Meghan Markle, the thirst does not have to end. Why not thirst after both? An image Gif source

25. Tom Hiddleston

THOSE HIPS DO NOT LIE! Plus Getaway Car (which is obviously about him) is the best song on Taylor's new album. An image Gif source

And there you have it folks, Thirstmas at its finest. Whether the room has gotten considerably warmer since you began this list or you've found yourself searching for more content of your favorite celeb, we wish you a Merry Thirstmas and a Happy New Year! An image Gif source

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