10 hottest Irish celebs

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

A day full of parades and early happy hours! In the midst of all the celebration let’s take a moment for fawn over the countries sexiest exports. Here is a post dedicated to some of the hottest Irish - or at least partially Irish- celebrities.

Olivia Wilde

She's our #WCW every day! What I wouldn’t do for those cheekbones! While Wilde doesn’t 100% Irish blood, she does have dual citizenship between the US and Ireland, she even studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland.
Olivia source

Chris Evans

Hello Abs! He may only be partially Irish, but I'll but him on the list just for this picture- you’re welcome. This superhero of a man How could you not fall in love with Captain America! And if he so happens to read this - you’re my hall pass ;).

An image


Saoirse Ronan

As the youngest person on this list Saoirse has already been nominated for an Academy award twice. The fresh face well known from her work in “Brooklyn” is from Dublin. Also I’m pretty sure those eyes can see into your soul. An image source

Jamie Dornan

We all know him as Christian Grey. Whether you are a 50 shades fan or you just don’t admit it, we would all be jump at the chance to cross paths with this Belfast babe. I’m not opposed to the Calvin Klein modeling either.

An image source

Gwen Stefani

Irish on her mom's side, this singer/songwriter does not seem to age! 3 years shy of 50 and her skin is still perfect! I mean seriously, this s* is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Not to mention her major vocal and coaching talent, as seen on “The Voice”.

An image source

Colin Farrell

Tall, dark, and handsome usually puts this Dublin man on everyone top 10. Colin source

Sarah Bolger

This 26 year old Irish vixen is well know from her award winning role on the show “Tudors.” An image


Niall Horan

Blond hair, blue eyes, and an incredible voice, (to serenade you with love songs of course) umm, yeah, He is definitely on this list. P.S. he is the only Irish member of 1D.

An image source

Ruth Negga

The Irish/ Ethiopian mix is well known for her roles in “World War Z,” and most recently starred in the 2016 film “Loving.” The stunner was also named the Irish shooting star at the Berlin Film Festival.

An image source

Michael Fassbender

If I could whistle, I would. The German/Irish mix was raised in the town of Killarney, Co. Kerry, in southwest Ireland.

An image source

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