The best movies to watch on Christmas Day

Dashing to the Couch

Merry Christmas everyone! Instead of venturing out in the cold today hop on the couch and watch any, or all, of these Christmas movies!

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There are a lot of versions of this movie now, but in my opinion, the Jim Carrey version is the best. But since there are so many versions, you get to choose and watch your favorite! Unlike the Grinch who hates everything, we love this movie. An image GIF source

2. A Christmas Story

If you have ever happened to channel surf past TBS on Christmas, you have seen this movie. It plays for literally all 24 hours of Christmas. Although I wouldn’t suggest you watch it for the whole 24 hours, it is a good movie to watch once. An image GIF SOURCE

3. Elf

Such a classic. Anytime anyone talks about Will Ferrell, I think of him walking around the streets of New York City in that Elf costume. This movie will put you in such a good mood for Christmas day. Buddy smiles the whole movie because smiling is his favorite! An image GIF source

4. Love Actually

I watch this movie every Christmas to get me in the Holiday spirit. Who doesn’t love a movie with multiple storylines that sometimes cross over, and are all so entertaining on their own? I'll admit, I also watch the movie every year just so I can see Hugh Grant dancing. An image GIF source

5. Home Alone

This movie blows my mind. How can a whole family forget about someone? Poor Kevin. Luckily for him, though, he is one of the smartest kids and comes up with a kickass plan to stop two grown men from robbing his house. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that at his age (or even at my age) if I got left behind. An image GIF source

6. Polar Express

Also known as the movie where Tom Hanks voices like 5 characters, this is a movie that shows what can happen if you just really believe. It's such a sweet movie and has some awesome songs, for example, you have to love the Hot Chocolate song. An image GIF source

7. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen, you amazing man. No one else can embody Santa like you can. When he kills Santa by accident (which as a child I found quite disturbing), he generously takes over the role and becomes the best Santa so far. An image GIF source

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