The best looks from the 2019 Golden Globes

The glitz. The glamour. The Globes.

Last night was the 2019 Golden Globes and Hollywood did NOT disappoint. Every single one of the stars we saw deserved an award for their outfits. Here are some of our favs.

Billy Porter

THIS CAPE. This whole look is totally regal, but still fun. How did he do that. An image Img source

Lili Reinhart

Lili served LEWKS at her first Golden Globes red carpet. She went all out for the occasion with an iconic red dress and matching eye shadow. An image Img source

Lady Gaga


Janelle Monáe

Janelle's hat really channeled the Golden Globes, while the rest of her ensemble was total gladiator chic. An image Img source

Kristen Bell

I literally don't understand how she is even a real person, this is unbelievable. An image Img source

Olivia Colman

This netted turtleneck look under the caped dress SLAYS. I understand why she keeps getting casted as a queen. An image Img source

Troye Sivan

HE. WENT. THERE. And we are so grateful. An image Img source

Danai Gurira

This fiery dress with the incredible shoulder detail is everything that red carpet dreams are made of. Incredible. An image Img source

Sandra Oh

Do you think I can borrow this dress for my wedding one day? Not only did this look slay, but all of her outfit changes were incredible. I just wish she had worn the dress from Killing Eve!!! An image Img source

Gemma Chan

LOVE THIS. We haven't seen many asymmetrical hemlines lately, and I've missed them so much. The draping on this gown is a work of art. An image Img source

Mahershala Ali

This scarf!!! Literally nobody else in the world could have pulled this off so well. An image Img source

Lucy Boynton

I spent a significant amount of time creeping on her Instagram last night because she's so f*cking stunning. This gold dress is the most important thing in my life right now. An image Img source

Timothée Chalamet

Dog harness, but make it fashion. How he managed to pull this off I will never know. An image Img source

Catherine Zeta-Jones

I'm a SUCKER for emerald green satin, and the ruffled effects in this dress make it even better. I hope I age like Catherine Zeta-Jones. An image Img source

Spike Lee

I love a man in purple, and I LOOOOVE a man in purple with gold accents. 10/10. An image Img source

Ryan Seacrest

Velvet suits are my favorite thing in the world, and the maroon jacket slays the game. An image Img source

Ben Whishaw

OBSESSED with the rhinestone accents on this suit jacket. He didn't have to go there but he DID and I'm so grateful. An image Img source

Richard Madden

Sry last velvet suit I promise. This whole ensemble is muted, elegant, and so, so sophisticated. And it doesn't help that he's SO HANDSOME. An image Img source

Chrissy Metz

LOVE the sleeves on this dress. There were some incredible red moments last night, and this was one of my favorites. It makes up for the fact that she got caught on live mic calling Alison Brie a b*tch. An image Img source

Cody Fern

The off-the-shoulder effect that this shirt creates is so perfectly unisex and stunning. I love the draped look of the pants as well. An icon. An image Img source

Dakota Fanning

This look is so simple but so elegant and gorgeous. She looked like a Disney princess in a wedding dress. An image Img source

Scott Evans

When in doubt, add a mustard accent! This pop of color brought so much life to the red carpet- so fun! An image Img source

Judy Greer

We love ladies in pantsuits!!! The flared pants with the oversized jacket give this look a great amount of structure and class. An image Img source

Darren Criss

Obviously he was going to come in a super fun suit. The delicate flowers on his jacket remind me of a wallpaper my grandma used to have...but, like, in a good way. An image Img source

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