Living for his every move: Troye Sivan

Aussie YouTuber turned actor/singer Troye Sivan has been making waves in the pop world since his third EP (and first with a major label),TRXYE. Maybe he looks familiar. I mean he DID play baby Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then again, he was also an extremely popular YouTuber from 2012-2014 (even going so far as to have collaborations with fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley). If the name Troye Sivan doesn't mean much to you yet, I can almost damn guarantee you that in 2018 it's gonna mean a lot. An image Gif Source

After the success of his first full fledged album Blue Neighbourhood, fans (including myself) have been BEGGING for a second album. While we've been teased with hints at him working on new music, it's been over 2 years since he put out an album himself. He has had singles, including my personal fave There For You with Martin Garrix, but it's just not been the same. An image Gif Source

WELL THE WAIT IS OVER! NEW MUSIC IS HERE AND THE ALBUM IS ON THE HORIZON. Y'all don't even KNOW! After teasing his new single through Twitter and Instagram over the past week... he FINALLY released My My My. And let me tell you... it's a damn bop. Not only is it a bop... the music video will make you clutch ALL your pearls. Reminiscent of the 90s mixed in with a lot of now... Troye looks damn fine and you will want to watch the video over and over and over again. Rightly enough, the internet FREAKED over it:

Even the New Rules Queen herself, Dua Lipa, praised Troye on his new single.

By now you're probably wondering what all the fuss is REALLY about or where you can see the vid for yourself. Look no further. Although be warned, there are strobes on strobes on strobes so if you are privy to seizures please avoid.

Troye's entire music library is currently available on Apple Music, so go ahead and give him a listen. After all, you do get a student discount!

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