The 6 Pitchfork Music Festival performances to get pumped for

I've got the music in me

The annual summer music festival in Chicago is BACK with another great lineup. The festival takes place in Union Park and is from July 20th to the 22nd. Last years festival had some big names like Solange and this year we were lucky enough to get another great lineup. If you’re unsure who you should be most excited for below are some prime examples for you:

1. Courtney Barnett

This chick is slappin da bass (in Paul Rudd’s characters voice from I Love You Man). This Australian singer songwriter is a personal favorite of mine, and apparently Elton John as he picked her new music for one of his Elton John faves. She’s one of the best female rock artists/guitar players I have seen in a long time. She recently released a new album with my new go to song “Hopefulesness”. She describes the word as wanting to feel hopeful but also being hopeless, literally me 80% of the time.

2. The Curls

Do you love obscure music groups so that you can sound hipster to your friends? OMG me too! This group is native to Chicago and if I had to describe their music to a friend I would say imagine all different genres of music somehow mixed together and sounding amazing, that's The Curls. Their last album mixed so many different kinds of music, jazz, doo-wop, punk, rock, and they somehow make it sound amazing. They have just recently released a new song Tidal Wave complete with a unique music video.

3. Fleet Foxes

Seattle natives, Fleet Foxes will be gracing the Chicago stage on Saturday. This band came to fame from the og social media Myspace. There is talks of a new album, lead singer, Robin Pecknold, said the feeling they are trying to capture in this new music is what you’d feel like after finding an oasis in the desert. Lets hope listening to them on Saturday night in Chicago you can find your own oasis there.

4. Kelela

My favorite thing about this artist? That her latest music video is her as a Sim, throwback to my childhood making famous people on Sims. The LA singer-songwriter first came on the scene with her mixtape in 2013. Since then she has been making people talk. She released her first album last year and it was full of soul and amazing lyrics like “though I’m in love with it, I will amputate it, I care enough to not keep you around”. Kelea herself describes her music as “tender bangers” and I have to say I agree.


Are you looking for an artist who can rap with the best of them or are you looking for someone to serenade you with a beautiful Christmas song? Well with DRAM you can have both! DRAM is a rapper who made his mark and attracted the attention of big stars like Lil Yachty, Drake and even the amazing Beyonce. DRAM is most known for being the origin point for Drake’s Hotline Bling and for being featured on the song Broccoli with Lil Yachty. His album Big Baby DRAM is great, and I’m not just saying that because there is a dog on the cover. Although, I have to say my personal favorite music of his is the Christmas song he released title #1HappyHoliday.

6. Lauryn Hill

Some may say that a 20th anniversary is the China anniversary, well for Lauryn Hill and her music the 20th anniversary is the comeback anniversary. Lauryn’s album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was first released in 1998 and on the album she mixed rap, reggae and neo-soul with her own heartbreak and faith giving us some amazing songs. This album has won Grammys and it will definitely be a treat for all the people in attendance.

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