The 6 best Dwight Schrute moments

There are too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.

To honor the birthday of the iconic Rainn Wilson, here are some of our favorite moments of his as Dwight Kurt Schrute.

1. When he brought a spud gun to work

Thank goodness he isn’t deranged, because he has weapons stored all around the office. Dwight takes security very seriously and we love that about him.

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2. When he took his volunteer work very seriously

In case you didn’t know, Dwight is a Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff. He takes the job more seriously than a lot of people take their real jobs. Make sure not to leave behind any joint butts though, or you’ll get yourself into one heck of a situation.

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3. When he explained how to defend yourself

As I’m sure you know Dwight has studied ka-ra-tae for many years and is very skilled. Throughout each season of The Office, we get to see him excel in his craft, even getting the chance to even fight Michael. But the greatest test of his skills was when he showed everyone self-defense while defending himself….from himself. It was his biggest challenge yet, but he really committed to it, and in the end, defeated himself.

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4. When he showed he isn’t perfect

Hannah Montana said it best when she said "nobody's perfect," and even Dwight knows how this feels. Dwight was strong enough to admit that he doesn’t like his own nose, he thinks it is too small. Thank you, Dwight, for being so brave and for letting all the people out there who also think they’re noses are too small have someone to look up to.

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5. When he almost killed Stanley

Dwight can sometimes take things a little too far. For example, he almost killed Stanley. Of course, he didn’t mean to do it, and he just wanted his coworkers to be prepared for a fire if it ever happened, but I think this time he may have taken it a little too far.

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6. When he helped Michael prepare for Jan’s baby

Dwight is one of the most loyal friends you can ask for. Once you have his friendship, you won’t need anything else in the world. For example, when Michael 'needed' to prepare for the birth of the baby Jan was having, Dwight was there to help him. Fake watermelon baby covered in butter and all. I am lucky enough to have friends in my life who are like Dwight, in the sense of they will do anything for me. Even birth a watermelon.

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Happy Birthday, Dwight...I mean Rainn.

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