The 5 gay dads who are ruling Instagram

Calling all Zaddies!

These dads are not only killing the parenthood game, but they are also killing the Instagram game. To these dads: thank you for keeping our Instas full of the sweetest inclusive family photos.

1. Neil Patrick Harris

We all knew he would be on this list. Not only is he great to look at, but he and his husband and children are just the cutest in the world. I would love if Neil Patrick Harris and his husband could adopt me for a day and make me look as great as his kids always do!

2. Nate Berkus

If you don't know Nate Berkus you should! He is an interior designer but he also has a heartbreaking story. He and his first partner were on vacation when a tsunami hit and his partner was lost in the devastating storm. After about 10 years of grieving, he found his now husband and fell in love again after suffering such a tragic loss. In 2015, their daughter Poppy was born and since then, Nate has been blessing us with the sweetest family photos. We are so happy he has found the happiness he deserves!

3. Frank Lowe

Frank blogs about his life as a gay stay at home dad. He posts photos of his adorable son and their cat, who I won't say is QUITE as adorable as his son but a very close second!

4. Devon and Rob

Devon posts on his Instagram pictures of himself, his husband Rob, and their two sons. The family is straight up family GOALS! Devon and Rob work as LGBTQ+ mentors and are very active in creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youths. Thank you Devon and Rob!

5. Trystan Reese

Trystan and his husband Biff made news in 2017 when Trystan was pregnant with their biological child. The two adopted two children and wanted to try to have one of their own since Trystan is a trans man, so it was a possibility. They tragically suffered a miscarriage in 2016, but in 2017, they welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy. The family shares the cutest photos on their Instagram sharing a look into their beautiful life.

To these insta dads and all the others not mentioned: thank you for sharing your stories and beautiful families with us!

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