Tell us about your best friend, and you could win $1,000

Lemme tell you bout my best friend

In Broad City, Abbi LITERALLY carries Ilana out of a restaurant after she goes into a self-induced, seafood-allergy shock. Now that’s friendship.

Now, we want to hear YOUR very best BFF stories. When did you or a friend do something that would make even Abbi and Ilana proud?

Introducing the UNiDAYS Best Friend Superlative Scholarship, awarded to a college student who has a really great friendship story to tell. So, yeah, basically you could win $1,000 for just talking about your best friend. Easiest money EVER.

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How do I win?

Tell us why you or a friend deserves the Best Friend superlative. That's all! You can send us a video, or answer in writing...whichever does your story the most justice (and whichever will make us happy cry more).

Don’t forget to show us your story on social media, too, using #UNiDAYSBFF.

Where do I apply?

Right here!

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Anything else I need to know?

Not much! The terms and conditions can be found here, and entry is being handled by our friends at Going Merry. We don't want to guide you too much in one direction, because we want you to be creative and tell us whatever friendship story you have that needs to be told!

We can't wait to hear about you or your bestie 😍

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