Pop culture meets politics: Reality TV’s First Lady Kim Kardashian heads to Capitol Hill

As many of you have already heard Kim Kardashian visited the White House. She wanted to sit down with Trump and open up a conversation about prison reform. Specifically they discussed the case of Alice Johnson; a 62 year old women that was serving a life sentence without parole for a first time drug offense. Kim Kardashian’s meeting resulted in Alice Johnson being freed and getting another chance at life.

Recently another case has caught Kim’s eye. June 16th she took to twitter sharing a New York Times article saying “Governor Brown, can you please test the DNA of Kevin Cooper”. This case is a bit deeper than just a drug offense; it involves a quadruple homicide. A few have questioned if the supposedly guilty Kevin Cooper should really be on death row.

It will be interesting to see how this new case plays out, and how Kim’s involvement in the justice system deepens. Some believe celebrities and reality stars have no place in government affairs. Others think maybe it is good for the influencers to use their name for a better cause. Either way you look at it you have to admit things are happening and possibly even changing. Who would’ve thought that the Kardashians would make it to Fox News? Or that Kim had an eye for both fashion and court cases? Maybe even the Kanye 2020 campaign still has hope…

What do you think?

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