Our fav looks from the Emmys

And the award for Best Dressed goes to...

There were SO many incredible outfits last night at the Emmys...but some impressed us more than others. Here's our roundup of the evening's style winners.

1. The Fab 5 of Queer Eye

The sheer turtleneck. The cape. The ringleader jacket. I don't even know where to start. It's all SO GOOD.

An image Img source

2. Tiffany Haddish

Fun (and adorable) fact: this dress was inspired by Tiffany's late father, and featured the colors of the Eritrean flag, where he was born. That makes us love it even more!

An image Img source

3. Sarah Paulson

Serving major Black Swan vibes, WE LOVE A FEATHERED QUEEN.

An image Img source

4. Joe Keery

All about the blue/black combo. and the cropped pants with loafers??? I'm actually on the floor right now.

An image Img source

5. Jessica Biel

This layered masterpiece goes perfectly with Justin Timberlake, the world's most stunning accessory.

An image Img source

6. Gaten Matarazzo

MUSTARD TUXEDO JACKET. Converse. A gold lapel chain. Are you KIDDING me. Speechless.

An image Img source

7. Letitia Wright

Serving us MAJOR princess vibes. She LITERALLY has sparkles on from head to toe, and I am HERE FOR IT.

An image Img source

8. Millie Bobby Brown

Our queeeeeeen. How much fun must it have been to walk around with a giant hula hoop skirt on? And I love how she ~casually~ threw in the glasses and MADE. IT. WORK.

An image Img source

9. Sandra Oh

Someone invite me to a prom so I can make a replica of this plz?? And can we talk about how CUTE it was that she brought her mom with her?? Ughhhhhh.

An image Img source

10. Issa Rae

CINDERELLA IN PANTS??? OK OK OK. And those chandelier earrings, I mean COME ON. This might actually be my favorite look of the night.

An image Img source

11. Caleb McLaughlin

Is he a snow king? Because I'm here for that. And the sneakers so subtly fit without standing out and I honestly don't know how he did that??

An image Img source

12. Chrissy Teigen

Ok well she had a head start because she had John Legend on her arm which should be CONSIDERED CHEATING....but we'll let it slide because she looks like a glamorous knight in shining armor and the leg slit is everything to me.

An image Img source

13. Claire Foy

SHE WAS NOT CASTED AS THE QUEEN FOR NOTHING. You need to Google the back of her dress. It's like a beautiful, elegant mullet...business in the front, party in the back (I laughed at this so if you don't it's ok).

An image Img source

14. Noah Schnapp

The Stranger Things boys were ON THEIR GAME last night. I can't get over the detail on his arms. I'm so glad he was rescued from the demogorgon.

An image Img source

15. Angela Bassett

I'm sorry but HOW is this woman 60 years old??? This dress is like an architectural masterpiece and she's not just a queen in Wakanda, she's a queen here too.

An image Img source

16. Natalia Dyer

She....looks like the Emmy statue. A gorgeous golden angel. A little bummed that she had no RIP Barb pin, though. An homage would have been nice.

An image Img source

17. Darren Criss

Ok, tbh I actually hated this when I first saw it, but it grew on me really quickly. He's like an elegant, regal snake...does that make sense?

An image Img source

18. Samira WIley

I'm just so happy to see her happy because she ALWAYS looks sad in Handmaid's Tale (and, like, that's very justified). But also, she's a glittery goddess and we LOVE a plunging neckline!

An image Img source

19. Ru Paul

As a New Yorker I'm OBVIOUSLY obsessed with the little Statue of Liberty prints. But even non-New Yorkers have to appreciate the fine details and the pop of orange in the boots. I had high hopes for Ry Paul, but my expectations were exceeded even still.

An image Img source

20. Tracee Ellis Ross

I can't, I just can't. Her bright makeup. Her enormous dress. HER. I want her to be my mom and my best friend. And probably my stylist.

An image Img source

21. Keri Russell

Another feather moment!!! I feel like every time you look at this dress you notice another detail of it. It has sequins? It has a slit? It has feathers? It has tulle? It has a plunging neckline? IT HAS A BELT? I could write a thesis on this dress.

An image Img source

22. Thandie Newton

I mean come ON. I want this shoulder moment to last forever. And this shade of pink is STUNNING on her. And CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH??? Incredible.

An image Img source

23. Kristen Bell

I want this to be my wedding dress. It's SO simple, SO structured, and SO elegant. Kristen Bell is my everything.

An image Img source

Hero Img source

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