Twitter reacts to the mind-blowing premiere of AHS:Apocalypse

It's the end of the world as we know it.

And Ryan Murphy feels fine. Why wouldn't he? American Horror Story has already been renewed for seasons 9 AND 10 and season 8 JUST premiered. As for the premiere of AHS:Apocalypse, ooh boy did Twitter have some feelings (as did I... I mean, come on Billy... that's what the streets are for). If you haven't seen the first episode of season 8, maybe hold off on reading there are minor spoilers below:

1. Um... yes

2. The world may be ending but ~fashun~ doesn't have to

3. The STU stew

4. You make some good points but... SHH

5. Turn. Up. My. Jam.

6. Hello... it me.

7. He may be the antichrist but at least he conditions.

8. Casual.

9. Catch me being stressed the f*ck out

10. * pretends everything is fine *

11. Let the conspiracies begin


13. Such a me thing to do

All in all... I'm not 100% sold on this season yet (even though I gave it a premature ranking of 3/8 out of all the AHS seasons). With the arrival of Michael Langdon and the promise of the Coven witches on the horizon, I'll still keep watching. If I can make it through Cult... I can make it through anything.

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