Not Going Home For Thanksgiving?

I know that loads of you won't be going home for Thanksgiving (whether that's because you can't or simply don't want to) so instead of a depressing turkey dinner-for-one, there's plenty of different ways you can spend this holiday.


  ‌Why don't you put the 'giving' into 'Thanksgiving' by helping out somebody less fortunate than you? There's sure to be plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand wherever you are and doing a good deed will always make you feel great - it's especially nice to help out around the holidays!

Go Home With A Friend

  ‌Maybe the reason you can't go home is because you live too far away and can't afford the flight but whether it's your room-mate or your newest bestie, there's sure to be someone who lives only a drive away and would be more than happy for you to go home with them. Not only will you get to explore somewhere new and get to know your new friend better, but think of all the road trippin' fun that you'll have!

Organize Something On Campus

  ‌I can pretty much guarantee that you won't be the only one staying on campus over Thanksgiving so you could have yourselves a little Friendsgiving! You could plan a dinner together, go and see a game or even plan a movie-marathon!
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