New year, same Me: How to build your body confidence in 2019

I don't need a "new me"

It is that time of year again, “new year, new me”. So many people are setting themselves targets for the next twelve months as to how they want to be a better person, thinner, fitter, kinder, healthier, richer. Which ones did you choose? Why? What is so bad about the old you? You have got this far right? Exactly, so maybe cutting out all alcohol, sugar and exercising three times a day isn’t the answer.

One of the controversies spreading through social media at the moment is the pressure to have the perfect body and the diets that go with it. Kim Kardashian was shunned for advertising a meal replacement shake to her followers. These shakes are not sustainable, they may help you lose the last 10 lbs before your holiday, but as soon as you are back to eating normally again those pounds will pile back on. So, my challenge for you this January is to begin to accept yourself and your body the way it is. Instead of making a new year’s resolution to be a size 10 how about working on ways to appreciate how amazing and unique your body is. Here are just a few I have found so far:

Building your self-esteem

Start by being nice to yourself! Next time you look in the mirror give yourself a compliment. We often look far closer at ourselves than others do. What positive thing do you see about your body at first glance? Seriously, flit in and out of the mirror. What did you notice first?

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Surround yourself with people who build you up. So many individuals out there feel bad about themselves and will bring you down to make them feel better. If that friend is making continuous negative comments about your appearance it’s probably time to look elsewhere for people who make you feel happy in their company. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs that friend who tells them that the outfit doesn’t work, or you have something between your teeth, but the important thing is recognizing when they don’t have your best interests at heart.

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Find some form of exercise you enjoy, the new grueling 30 minute workout in the gym may not be for you. However, how about a nice long walk with a friend before you go for the coffee? The aim with this is not to change your body but be aware of the feelings that this brings. Research suggests that even a small amount of extra exercise each day can make you feel better, especially in the cold, dark winter months.

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It probably sounds silly, but routine increases your knowledge of what is happening in the day. This can build your confidence because your feel more in control. If you feel more confident in everyday life, you will spend less time thinking about what is wrong and more time thinking about how fabulous you are because you were at that meeting in plenty of time and smashed it!

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Social media

You do not need to sign out of social media all together, but maybe give it a bit of a January overhaul. Add in a few people who promote positive mental health and body confidence to your news feed or Instagram account. Here are just a few people I have found who love their bodies the way they are.

Join@bodyposibpanda in her new year dance of body positivity, who doesn’t love a good wiggle!!

Jameela Jamil has set up @i_weigh, a movement for people to feel valuable and see how truly amazing they are beyond what we look like. It’s inspirational.

Bryony Gordon ran the London marathon in her underwear. Her account is full of honesty about body confidence and mental health, she is fabulous.

So, instead of doing a highly restricted diet or beating yourself up in the gym, find things you enjoy, that make life that little bit better. Bit by bit your confidence will develop and you will realize just how awesome you are!

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