Nacho recipes to make after you vote

Ain't no nachos like midterm nachos

It's no coincidence that Midterm Election Day falls on the same day as National Nacho Day, because those are two VERY good things, and we think they go pretty well together.

So, as a reward for doing your civic duty, here are some really great nacho recipes that you can stress-eat while you wait for the results to come in.

The ultimate nachos

Can't go wrong with the classics!

Irish nachos

Nachos AND potatoes? YEAH I'M IN.

Texas style nachos

I've never been to Texas but WOW, now I want to.

BBQ chicken nachos

A unique twist on the world's greatest food (up to your interpretation whether I'm talking about nachos or BBQ chicken).

Loaded veggie nachos

For the non-meat eaters among us!

Buffalo chicken nachos

I'd drink buffalo sauce out of the bottle if I could.

Big Mac nachos

All I can say

Loaded pizza nachos


Breakfast nachos

There's a nacho for everyone!!!

Blackened shrimp nachos

Definitely for the more culinarily-inclined of us...but it seems worth it to me.

Healthy chicken nachos

So, if I understand correctly, we can eat these every day and be healthy??

Mexican street corn nachos


Apple pie nachos

If you don't bring this to your Friendsgiving celebration I will be VERY disappointed in you.

Pretzel dessert nachos

While we're on the topic of dessert nachos (which sounds honestly too good to be true)

S'mores nachos

I'm not crying, I'm just allergic to HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS.

Ok that's it, I'm too hungry to continue. The end.

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