Mmmm whatcha say: the BF/GF gift guide

People, people, people. If you haven't thought about what you're getting that special someone for Valentine's Day yet then well... you're just a little behind. You don't want to be THAT guy (or girl). You know... the one that shows up for your date with drugstore chocolates in hand (because you bought them on the way to said date). No, no. You want to be the one that makes your significant other pause because they are utterly speechless. To help you out a lil on your journey to not becoming THAT person (see gif below), here is a list of gifts that'll make your boyfriend or girlfriend go WOW (and the good kind... not the passive aggressive kind that happens when they see the drugstore chocolates they KNOW you bought on the way to the date).

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Say it with something soft

When you think Puma, you think athletic gear or Rihanna. And that's okay BUT did you know that they also have a line particularly geared towards the romantic in you? Gift your loved one the Heartbreaker Unisex Hoodie and get a matching one for yourself. That way, if you're going to be THAT couple... you can at least do it in style.

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Say it with something sexy

Perhaps you want to blow their mind in an entirely different way. Enter, Lovehoney. For some after dark fun (or day time... I don't know your life), why not give the gift of Monogamy. Granted, you may be asking yourself "Don't I already do this?" and perhaps you do (or don't, once again I don't know your life) BUT this isn't your typical boardgame and Lovehoney isn't your typical company (wink wink).

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Say it with something silly

Have a little fun with your gift giving. Urban Outfitters is known for their unique take on things. Why not spice things up a bit with Moon Juice Sex Dust. Just add it to your favorite drink to live your best dupe-GOOP life. Give the ol' candy heart route a twist with the UO Candy Hearts Boxer Brief. If you're not "there" yet in the relationship, you can always STILL just go the ol' candy heart route.

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Say it with something surprising

You can NEVER go wrong with a trip. NEVER. Alright... I say never but if you've only been dating for a short while, perhaps forego a foreign destination for a weekend trip. No matter what you decide, can help get you there.

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Say it with something sweet

Do you call each other babe? Is one of you a hopeless romantic? Well then Boohoo has the shirts you (and they) need. Don't worry about wearing your heart on your sleeve with the Olivia Lovers Slogan T-Shirt. The Valentine's Flock Print T-Shirt with Rolled Sleeves will bring out the hopeless romantic in even the grumpiest of souls (and will have your significant other going "awww babe").

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Say it with something sentimental

Just like you can never go wrong with a trip, you REALLY can never go wrong with flowers AND chocolates. Keep true to Valentine's Day traditions with 1-800-Flowers. PLUS if you forget between now and the actual day of Valentine's... they have you covered with same-day delivery.

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Say it with something special

Besides being stylish, ASOS often pairs with brands that support charity. Your gift can mean something (other than a show of devotion). Why not go for the Help Refugees Choose Love T-Shirt In White that's reminiscent of what pop-star George Michael wore in the 80s? Look good and do good at the same time.

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