16 unique Valentine's Day gifts for every budget

This year, get your significant other (or yourself because Valentine’s Day doesn’t specify who you should love, and loving yourself is a pretty great thing to do) something they actually want. No more CVS Pharmacy candy (well, maybe a little!), no more bedazzled live roses (woof), and please-- for the love of God-- put that heart sweater down!

Under $25

Nobody wants heart shaped chocolate boxes, but what they DO want is these BACON peanut butter cups from Mouth. Is the love of your life a makeup fiend? In a world where Kardashian's rule, anything for their lips is a safe bet. Therefore, anything Sigma Beauty is above and beyond. Maybe they have trouble with time management and organization-- a Moleskin planner is the answer to their prayers (LOL someone please buy this for me). No matter who you're shopping for, you really can't go wrong with a super soft scarf a la ASOS. These items only LOOK expensive! Under25

Under $50

Surprise your favorite person with their favorite food! On their Casetify cell phone case, of course. Anyone else have a problem with their phone dying almost constantly? Well, maybe gift your sweetie with that lovely little portable charger from Valfre. Chocolate covered strawberries from Dylan's Candy Bar round out our next best purchase under $50, but the most bang for your buck on this list are some sneaks from Puma ! That red stripe really screams "Be Mine". Under50

Under $100

There’s always one lecture hall on campus with terrible heating in the winter, and for some reason, you’re always there. Enter this slightly oversized cashmere (aka super soft wool) cardigan from Blue Fly. Up your boyfriend’s shirt game with this classic blue slim fit buttondown from Club Monaco. A boy starts becoming a man when he realizes that Axe Body Spray actually smells awful to everyone, including himself. The Art of Shaving will help him become a man's man. Find your honey online? Show everyone the stigma's gone with this sick Wildfox. Under100

Hey, big spender!

Treat yourself this February 14th to a super chic leather bucket bag from Brooklyn accessories brand Baggu found at Azalea. Ditch the Lindt chocolates for something much cooler. This gift box is filled with really interesting goodies, like a chocolate heart painted in edible gold, a bag of dried cranberries and blueberries, a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop, and hand-rolled candies XO candies, all from Mouth. Frye makes really cool boots, but their sneakers are really awesome too. They’re comfortable but they can make any outfit look put together, something that will impress your parents as much as your significant other. Tis the season to cuddle, so just know that you can't go wrong with this Spirit Hoods throw, no matter who you're gifting.


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