Low-key ways to celebrate Halloween on a Wednesday

Why go big when you can just go home?

We're psyched Halloween is here, but we're not 100% thrilled that it's on a Wednesday night. If you went too hard this weekend, are waiting until next weekend, or just don't really feeling like doing the ~whole thing,~ here are some ways you can celebrate tonight in a chill way.

Treat yourself

Embrace the fact that sweater-weather season is official upon us - by letting your cravings run wild in the candy clearance aisle! Release that beautiful sweet-toothed monster from its sad #summergoals cage and treat yo’ self to ALL THE THINGS... Candy corn, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s, bite-size Snickers, even licorice sticks (no judgment), go crazy. An image Gif source

Binge it

Host a solo binge-sesh to catch up on all those horror film classics - that you’ve always been too proud to admit you never actually watched - while in the comfort of your own bed! You know the drill: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, Psycho... etc., etc. *Bonus points if you include all the sequels, plus extra bonus if you get to the truly terrible deep-cut flicks (I’m lookin’ at you, The Human Centipede). An image Gif source

Do some DIY

Put on a low-budget costume contest! Give your friends (or your cat!) a scary fashion show, by pulling out your finest wardrobe classics and modeling those bygone trends that you refuse to part with... high-low dresses, jeggings, and especially anything still hanging around from 2007. An image Gif source

Get scared

Spook yourself silly, with minimal effort (iF yOu DaRe…), by simply sorting through that aging stack of mail in your drawer! You know, the one where you put the envelopes that kind of look like bills, that you’ve been pretending will go away if you procrastinate long enough? Amirite? Just me? Either way, fun & spooky stuff! An image Gif source

People watch

Halloween is one of the best people-watching nights of the year. If you have a window with a good view, grab some popcorn and observe the ~nature~ around you. A cat making out with The Hulk; a Wonder Woman crying over a guy dressed as Spongebob; a bumble bee falling down a hill...the possibilities are endless.

Gif source

Bake it up

You can bake cookies, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin muffins...anything! If you want to be controversial, bake some holiday cookies ON Halloween. You'd be my hero, tbh. And nothing says Fall like a kitchen full of pumpkin-scented baked goods! An image Gif source

Learn the Thriller dance

I mean...it's something to do! If Thriller isn't your jam, there's always the Spooky Scary Skeletons dance (see top gif). Hanging out with your friends and ridiculously trying to do a classic (or ridiculous) dance is sure to be hilarious. Some great Insta story content for sure. An image Gif source

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