Easy last-minute Halloween snacks

Throwing a last-minute Halloween party tonight, but don’t know what to do for snacks? We’ve got you.

Here are some quick and easy snacks you can throw together to get the party going.

1. Halloween popcorn mix

Nothing says party like crazy popcorn!

2. Witch brooms

The perfect blend of salty, sweet, and festive.

3. Marshmallow pops

Like a s’more on a (broom)stick!

4. Halloween trail mix

No cooking or baking required!

5. Halloween candy bark

Takes little time to make, and little time to solidify!

6. A candy apple bar

Let the people make their own snack! Less work for you!

7. Ghost cookies

Just dip them and let them dry!

8. Spooky fruit

If you decide you want a healthy option...but we don’t judge if you stick with candy…

9. Brownie graveyard

Grab a quick brownie batter (or buy pre-made brownies!) and stick a cookie and a pumpkin in! The hardest part will be writing RIP!

10. Cookie pizza!!!

Who doesn’t love a good cookie pizza?!? Go crazy with the toppings!