In defense of Lil Tay: Is the youngest flexer still relevant?

Short Answer/Public Opinion: Was she ever?

Long Answer: Maybe?

So I am sure you have all seen the videos of the young girl who is decked out in designer swearing on camera. Basically Lil Tay was a persona of sorts that got brand deals and social media influencer money. The non ethical part of the whole situation is the fact that she is a very real 9 year old girl, not just a character in a TMZ story. Clearly a young girl doesn’t just turn into a trap god overnight. Many believe she was coached by her mother and brother to act the way she did. There are countless videos leaked online showing just that:

If you cannot take that for proof even fellow internet personality Woah Vicky agrees that coaching was what turned a 9 year old into Lil Tay. In fact recently she made a YouTube video addressing the situation:

It’s as if the image of Lil Tay has turned into an innocent kid who was simply manipulated. Her instagram was whipped of all pictures, and after she was exposed as “fake” (aka not a real trap star and actually just a young girl) she seemed to vanish from social media. Yes we are all still talking about her, but she has not been talking with us. This silence has only recently been broken by the death of xxxtentacion.

Now it seems as if her instagram page is a tribute to the rapper X. No one can be sure of what there connection really was. Lil Tay claims they were good friends. Sceptics claim she is only posting for attention after her fall out with the spotlight. But there is an interesting post to note here...

No matter what the latest drama has been if something good has the potential to come out of it I think we all need to be here for it. Something like this charity event could cause true relevance. Lil Tay gained a following through an unfortunate route, but if she can use her influence for good, why not? It will be interesting to see what comes from Lil Tay next. I mean that’s really the only way to answer if we should keep her on the radar or not.

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