How to turn your internship into a job

If you’re doing an internship over the Summer and want to turn it into a full time job, it’s important to approach your internship seriously, pay attention to detail, don’t wait to be asked to do something, and exceed expectations in a short period of time. Here are my top tips on how to impress an employer!

1. Be Proactive

Before you start your internship, be proactive and thoroughly research the company. First impressions are everything and turning up on your first day with a bank full of knowledge about the company and the industry will blow them away. Be passionate about the role and have a strong willingness to learn!

2. Choose The Right Internship

Businesses that are growing often provide excellent opportunities. Choose a role that you’re passionate about and have a genuine interest in. Working in any job adds value to your resume but doing something you want to progress into in the future will keep you motivated and that shows in the work you produce. The better the quality of work, the more likely you will impress your manager! Once you have started, make it clear to them what it is that you want to achieve.

3. Look The Part

Don’t turn up on your first day in a short skirt and flip flops. Research what the company's dress code is and follow it strictly. Doing this will help employees to take you more seriously. As well as looking the part it’s also important to act the part. Don’t sit on Facebook all day or text your friends wishing you were somewhere else, the harder you work during work hours the more it will pay off and the more likely it will turn into a job offer.

4. Be Willing To Do The Sh*tty Jobs

You’ve got to start somewhere and student interns are often given the worst jobs to begin with. These may be the bane of your life and you may feel unmotivated at times but maintaining a positive attitude is what employers look for and if you’re willing to do these jobs with a smile on your face, you’ll soon be given more responsible jobs.

5. Go Above And Beyond

You might think ‘why should I work later than my set hours?.’ If you want to show a company that you’re committed and hard working you need to go above and beyond what is required of you to get noticed. Show you’re eager and get into the office before you need to be or stay later a couple of days a week to do some extra work. Asking for extra things to do instead of sitting there twiddling your thumbs will impress them.

6. Network

To succeed in your career, it is often all about who you know. In your internship, don’t be the shy one that sits in the corner alone, talk to fellow employees about what it’s like to work there and show an interest in their roles. If they’re aware of your career goals, they are often happy to help and may be a good reference for the future. I did a marketing internship and worked with various marketing agencies during my time at the company. If you are working with other businesses use that as an opportunity to connect with people and build up contacts for the future. That way if a job offer doesn’t come up in the business you are currently in, they might have something equally as amazing to offer you.

7. Have An Opinion

You may just be interning with a company but having an opinion and sharing your thoughts is important. You may be able to give a different perspective on a matter that they might not have thought of. If you have a good idea, you have nothing to lose and it may mean big rewards for you.

8. Ask Questions

The more questions you ask, the more you learn about the role and how the company operates. Be eager! My tip is to always carry a notepad around with you to take note of any important information or any research you could carry out off the back of a meeting. You acting on something without being told could be a great way for you to impress them!

9. Think Outside The Box

If you’re creative, when given a task, think outside of the box and offer ideas that are new and exciting to the business. Often people that work in companies for a long time fall into a habit of how things are done. If you think a way of working can be improved or have an idea on how you think something could be better, tell them. They will value your opinion and it’s a chance to show how smart you really are!

10. Take On Responsibility

Taking on responsibility might seem daunting at first but it is a way in which you can really stand out from the crowd. Volunteer to manage a particular task to prove to your manager that you can handle working under pressure. Push yourself to achieve your goals and be confident in knowing that you can achieve them. Confidence is key!

11. Keep In Touch

If you performed well and made a good impression on the company, stay in touch with your manager and fellow employees. Throughout all of the internships I have done I have remained in touch with all of them as it provides great opportunities for the future.

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