How to have the best Summer picnic possible

It ain't no picnic

Oh wait... yes it is. July is prime picnic season. Sure, some days are too hot to function but then there are those perfect days where the sun is shining but it's still nice and breezy. School has yet to start so you're doing what you can to get the most out of any experience. Here are just a few ways to have the best picnic possible.

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1. A picnic basket

This ties into the age old question of should something be cute OR functional. With the Basket in the Glory collapsible cooler from Modcloth, you don't have to sacrifice cuteness for functionality (and vice versa). It doubles as both a cooler and sturdy seat so you're set.

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2. ~Picnic approved~ food

By picnic approved I mean food that's easy to eat and clean up. Nothing is worse than being outside and having to worry about dropping food everywhere, getting it on yourself, then having bugs get involved. Trust me, finger foods are a must.

3. Appropriate seating

And by seating, I mean have a proper beach or picnic blanket. Urban Outfitters has a number of options to choose from if you'd like something that'll look (so much) better than an old sheet you already had.

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4. Instagrammable drinks

Okay, maybe this one isn't really a necessity but who goes out for a picnic without documenting anymore? Also, instagrammable drinks just taste better... it's a fact. Granted, this may be due to all the hard work that goes into making a drink fit for the gram but still.

5. Comfy/cute outfit

Once again, this isn't a necessity but isn't everything better when you're comfortable? The answer is a big freaking yes. So if you're more comfortable in sweatpants, shorts, a dress, or romper... then GO FOR IT. If you want to dress to the whole ~picnic theme~ then Modcloth has pretty much anything you could want to be quirky and cute with vintage flair.

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6. Functional way to transport

Trying to carry all your picnic gear like you're playing Tetris is just not a good look for anyone. Whether you're getting to the spot by car, bike, boat, or walking... make sure that you have figured out the logistics BEFORE you start unpacking everything or else you run the risk of picnic being ruined before it even begins.

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