How to avoid negativity inside the workplace

It starts at home.

Mindfulness should come first. Focus on patience, guidance, and strength to get you throughout the day. Try waking up early so you won't have to rush into work and you can take the time to complete your morning rituals. Morning stretches, workouts, and meditation works!


Don’t engage in negative conversations. Gossip is always the best way to welcome negativity into your bubble. Limit your conversations, if possible, with certain people that surround themselves with negativity. You know who they are: people that talk about other employees, never have anything positive to say, or has so much drama in their lives to start a Telenovela. The best thing to do is to keep it professional and keep it moving.

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Leave personal issues at home. I know that sometimes it hard to not think about what’s stressing you regarding your personal life, but you don’t realize how much it affects you at work. Think of it as your time to get away from it. Setting small work goals could help. If you focus more on achieving your goals you may think less about personal problems.


Surround yourself with things that make you happy. Upbeat music, inspirational quotes, pictures, even scents, if possible. Anything you might feel that would put a smile on your face.

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Take a break! Most jobs offer two 15 min breaks a day and a 30-minute lunch break. Take them! Even if it’s just to walk outside to get some fresh air, or sitting in the break-room and eating a snack. I sometimes go to my car and take a nap if work gets too hectic. Anything to separate you from whatever, or whomever, is draining you. Find your peace.


Lastly, “What happens at work, stays at work”. Just like you don’t want to bring personal issues to work with you, don’t bring work issues home. You have to deal with what bothers you at work for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, why deal with it for any longer than you have to?

End the day with a deep breath, a smile, and a nice pat on the back because you’ve survived another weekday as an adult. Maybe, do some end of the day stretches to help you ease your mind before bed. Then get a good night’s sleep and have some new goals set to tackle for the next day so that you get up ready to conquer the day!

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