Gifts for your favorite gamer

Stuck on what to get the gamer in your life? We know the struggle. It’s especially hard to buy gifts for someone into gaming when you don’t know much about gaming yourself. We’ve found some things that would be great for the gamer in your life so you don’t have to do deep research on their favorite games, or spend $150 on the newest game.

A gaming headset

An image Every gamer needs one! To enhance their Fortnight experience, grab them a good gamer headset liike this one from Sam’s Club. Even if they already have one, it’s always nice to have options!

A charging station

An image While they’re chilling in the same spot for hours, it’s important to be able to charge all of their devices at once, whether it’s their phone, wireless keyboard, laptop, or headset. A charging station like this one from Samsung will make sure nothing goes uncharged!

Some cozy sweats

An image You can’t do your best work when you’re uncomfortable, so make sure your gamer is in tip top shape and ready to go with a pair of cozy sweatpants like these ones from American Apparel. They’re seriously the softest thing you’ll ever own, and you’ll definitely want to grab a pair for yourself too.

A cool graphic tee

An image Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee? Especially when it’s one that helps you express yourself. This ‘game changer’ tee from Nasty Gal is a perfect blend of cozy clothes and real clothes. It can be worn while gaming, or while they’re out in the world wishing they were at home gaming.

A scratch off poster

An image We’re obsessed with this video game scratch off poster from ASOS, and we know that your gamer friend will be too. It’s such a good way to keep track of the games they’ve already played, and great motivation to try new ones. They’ll be dying to scratch every one!

Alllll of the snacks

An image Remember when you were playing with your friends as a kid and your mom would bring snacks to you? That was the best feeling ever. And now YOU can give someoene else that feeling by buying them a great big bulk order of the best snacks in the world. A variety pack like this one makes such a good gift (because who WOULDN’T be happy getting food as a gift?), and it’s super cheap at Sam’s Club. Even though it’s a giant pack, it definitely won’t last more than 2 weeks.

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