'Fridge Raider Egg Muffins

Staring aimlessly into the refrigerator and finding absolutely nothing to eat is very much like staring at your packed closet and thinking you have nothing to wear -chances are there's a lot you can do with what you have! I still haven't worked out the perfect formula for grocery shopping. My problem is, come the end of the week I open my refrigerator all that is left are the usuals that just seem to never get used up.
I always end up with tomatoes, yoghurt, potatoes or sweet potatoes, a few eggs, feta cheese, veg such as mushrooms, peppers, spinach and onions, a little bit of bread and always some milk. Tinned tuna is also always a staple in my cupboard so it's great to add to the refrigerator leftovers.
Okay, so how can we use up what's left in the refrigerator so that a) we don't waste the dollar and b) at that awful moment we do open the fridge and there isn't much in it, we don't have to walk away in disappointment and opt for a quick unhealthy snack instead. To help you out I'm going to post a bunch of recipes that use up those annoying ingredients. First up, my favourite egg muffins! A deliciously easy way to use up probably every vegetable you have in the fridge. I've had these three times this week, they are just so easy and super tasty.
  1. Simply heat some oil in a pan, add in chopped mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach (literally whatever you have left) and some diced garlic and cook for about 5 minutes.
  2. Stir 2 eggs in a mixing jug and then add in the cooked vegetables, give it a little stir and then pour the mixture into cupcake cases or a greased cupcake tin and cook for 15 minutes at 180° and voila! Healthy little bites that'll you can munch for breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  3. Serve them with bacon, smashed avocado on toast or even just grab one on it's own and dip it in some ketchup!

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