6 reasons to try CrossFit

Bored with your regular workouts? Don't feel like you're actually making any progress anymore or simply love a challenge? Here's 6 reasons to try CrossFit!

1. Break your rut

If anything can get you out of your workout funk, it's CrossFit. Everyday is different and you never really know how each workout is going to affect you. Maybe now you have a set day for a particular thing in the gym, you like Wednesdays because it's Arms Day? Think again. There are no set days, just pure programmed crazy workouts!

2. Learn new skills

CrossFit is a mixture of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastic work, bodyweight exercises and metabolic conditioning (basically cardio!). You'll learn how to do so many new exercises, you'll pick up new skills and you'll probably be really surprised at yourself at what you can actually already do. If you're already a weightlifter, CrossFit will improve your stamina, your cardio and make you more agile. If you're already a runner, CrossFit will improve your strength and you'll still keep up your high levels of cardio. It's a pure mix of everything and makes you more of an all round athlete.

3. Make new friends

CrossFit is famous for it's community atmosphere. The boxes are not like normal gyms, you won't workout next to someone for 6 months without knowing their name like with a regular gym. It's common to hit a workout on a Saturday morning and then head out for breakfast as a team! Almost everyone will be super helpful, supportive and encouraging. I repeat, this is not a regular gym. ‌

4. Get seriously fit

With all the new movements, exercises and excitement of being at a new gym you will no doubt make progress but if you get the 'CrossFit bug' then you're probably going to want to train at least 3-4 times a week because you just want to try new workouts! This equals fast results and you'll make more progress in 6 months than you might have done in 2 years at the regular gym. giphy

5. Challenge yourself

Its hard. CrossFit is seriously hard. But it's also for people of all abilities because the great thing is that workouts can be scaled to your ability and there's always someone pushing themselves that little bit harder. CrossFit will be a challenge no matter how fit you are. ‌

6. Awesome workout gear

This is a serious added bonus! With CrossFit, you get to indulge in all the awesome Reebok workout gear. There's no more wearing the same pair of shorts or leggings to the gym two days running if they didn't get that sweaty. You need new workout gear for every single time you workout. It's that sweaty! Don't forget to grab 20% off Reebok with your UNiDAYS discount! ARTICLES_BLOG1 Annie Thorisdottir Tank   Super Nasty Speed Board Shorts in Navy   Crossfit Speed TR  Crossfit Nano 6.0 blog-perk

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