Following Your Angel Numbers

Are you asking what an angel number is?

Well let me tell you!

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In very simple terms “angel numbers” can be described as the repetitive numbers that we often see but are too busy to actually realize; this display of numbers are the ways in which are angels are talking to us. Frankly, we are always being communicated with through these repetitive sequence numbers and if we take a moment in our lives to pay attention, we will find that our angels will blatantly continue to put these numbers in our faces until we open up to them.

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Angel numbers can appear all around us, you just have to look! Think about the last time you saw that sequence of numbers and thought to yourself, “Huh, I wonder why I keep seeing that number appear?” Well, most of the time we take it as just a coincidence and most people probably do. But keep an open mind next time you see that same repeating number and if you have few minutes conduct a google search and simply type in: angel number (insert repetitive number).

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I get it, most of the time we are in such a routine that we don’t notice numbers at all but when we need some kind of direction and life has you questioning every move you make try to remember that your angels are always attempting to communicate with you. Let’s be real here, we have all had times when we sat in our cars pondering our own existence or whether or not we are fulfilling our life’s purpose on this earth, right? More times than we would like to admit we go on thinking we may never get answers to something so extremely vast and just when you’re ready to call it a day the cashier at Target hands you your receipt with that repetitive number, or you look up at the clock on your work computer and there it is again or the license plate on that car you had been frantically trying to pass up is displaying that same number and you think to yourself, “This cannot possibly be another coincidence.” Well, big surprise here, IT’S NOT, but again, don’t take it from me, see for yourself; because sometimes the answers we need are right there basically slapping us in our faces we are just too blinded to see them.

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