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It's officially Summer and it's hotter than ever. That means you're looking for any reason you can to stay inside (or at least any reason you can to stay inside just a little longer). Why not set that sweet, sweet Summer watermelon down and pick up a computer instead? Fall will be here before you know it and even some of your Summer wardrobe simply isn't cutting it anymore. That's where the Summer Code Craze (happening June 22-June 25) comes in. Why not check out some of the hottest deals we've got on UNiDAYS atm, you can thank me later (and look as on point as Scooby Doo in the process).

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Step up your shoe, outfit, AND bag game with 15% off at UGG. If you think they're more of a winter shoe, you do realize UGG makes more than boots right?

Princess Polly

An Australian brand, Princess Polly knows what's hot and what's hot just so happens to be 20% off. Plus, you can get in on the trends before your friends.

New Balance

The OG dad shoe, 20% off at New Balance was made to help you stay up to date with all things cool. If the whole dad trend isn't your thing, they make some pretty sweet sneakers in general.

Active Ride Shop

What better way to roll up to campus next semester than with a new skateboard? Depending on who you are, nothing and Active Ride Shop has you set with 15% off.

Under Armour

Getchu some new workout gear with 20% off at Under Armour. That way you can be set for whatever workout you decide on for getting that summer body (even if that summer body is just sitting on the couch, you at least wanna be comfortable).


SWIMSUITS ARE A MUST and Tilly's is giving you 15% off to get your swim gear. They also have clothing and accessories so you can prep for that beach/pool day you're bound to have.


20% off at Adidas? More like AdidYAS!! Amirite?! If you're not as enthusiastic about the deal as I am, you haven't checked out all their new stuff. This sh*t is straight fire.

Nasty Gal

You know what they say, Nasty Gals do it better. Nasty Gals that get up to 60% off do it even BETTER than that and you can get some killer graphic tees and accessories with that kind of deal.

American Apparel

Anything but basic, American Apparel has what you need to keep that minimalist wardrobe you've always dreamed about. With 50% off sale you can have everything you've ever wanted (and ready to rock the next semester).

Fredericks of Hollywood

Sometimes you want to just sit in a t-shirt and shorts and just chill. Other times you want to wear some fabulous lingerie and do your thing. For the latter feeling, Fredericks of Hollywood has got your back with 20% off.

Original Penguin

T-shirts are cool and all but sometimes you need a button down to really pull off a look. Original Penguin has the short-sleeved polos and button downs to help you get through this godawful heat. Plus you get 20% off so... it helps your bank account too.


Sun's out, toes out... wait that's not how it goes. That SHOULD be how it goes but it isn't. Either way, Teva is giving you 25% off so your toes can get some much needed sun.

Perry Ellis

Nothing suits you like a suit. If you want to feel like Barney Stinson why not use this LEGENDARY 20% off at Perry Ellis? You're gonna like the way you look in a nice crisp suit.


If you've ever needed new glasses or have been putting off buying new glasses, then now's the time to act. Eyebuydirect is 30% off and has all the styles you could want (from classic to trendy y'all).


Be the baddest bitch in any room when you wear head to toe Valfre. It's 25% off and not only can you get some freaking fantastic clothes but you can ALSO get some of the coolest phone cases and chargers I've ever seen.

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