Don't break the bank: FREE things to do this summer

Summer vacay is upon us.

It is time to enjoy some freedom from classes, go out, and have a good time. Parties, movies, dinners, festivals, are just some of the places we plan on going. The only problem is that sometimes this “going out” gets costly. Let’s face it, even though we aren't having to buy books right now we will have to in a few months. We want to experience everything summer has to offer, but we have to consider tuition. The good news is there's a lot of ways to have fun in the sun without breaking the bank:

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Relaxin’ at the beach

Most public beaches are 100% free. I mean that is as long as you dodge the snack hut. My advice would be snatching goodies from home to bring with you to avoid any temptation. But if you must, an ice cream cone won’t ruin your budget. The beach is the perfect spot to catch a tan and cool down. Bring friends, music, and anything else you may need to have a nice day getaway. Just don’t forget your sunblock. We all know the person in the group that gets red as a lobster. You don’t want that to be you.

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Hit up nature reserves and parks

More than likely a quick google search will bring you to a hiking trail in your area. This is another way to get outside and take in the warm weather. You can just relax and walk around, but if you are feeling adventurous you can try your hand at geocaching. Basically geocaching, in short, is a real life treasure hunt. Coordinates may be put online in a spot where a fellow hiker hid a “treasure box” with some trinkets. If you find it you can take something and leave something in its’ place. It is not going to be a pot of gold, but it will be a fun hunt.

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Attend Community Events

Farmer’s markets, yoga in the park, and live music downtown are just some things your city may offer. Most events will be either free or have a very minimal cost. Plus if the past two spots had you outdoors for too long some community events may help you find the shade. Player’s theaters and galleries usually have some pretty nice AC. Definitely don’t sweat it and seek out the arts. You are sure to find something that catches your eye.

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So hopefully these ideas inspired you to keep your piggy bank intact … at least for now. There's lots to do without spending a penny or even more. Summer should have freedom and be, well, free. Let’s not just make this summer just well spent, let’s make it well lived.

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