Back to school in style: H&M has launched with UNiDAYS

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So we've delivered. That's right, H&M is now a part of the UNiDAYS fam. But what does that mean for you? Well it means you get 20% off at H&M (and free shipping on purchases of $60+) to start. This makes it that much easier to go back to school with an entirely new wardrobe. Feel free to reinvent yourself and play around a bit. If you need some advice, these are just SOME of the looks you could go with.

The Athleisure Lover

By now you've probably heard that most people dress in athletic clothes going to and from class (or you're an upperclassmen that has adapted to this lifestyle because it's just so comfortable). Regardless on if you're a freshman getting ready to go to college or a senior that is ready to get out of there... throw that old ratty t-shirt away and go with a ~matching~ set from H&M.

The Trendsetter

You're the kind of person that has a subscription to Vogue and never wants to wear the same outfit twice. With H&M you don't have to! The pieces are affordable and you can stay on trend no matter the season. Don't believe me? Just look at what this girl has on.

The "I go to college, I'm an adult" Person

Ah yes. You're the one that's decided that any semblance of your wardrobe that reflects your age has to go. Anything to make you look older and wiser is your thing. Lucky for you, H&M has the staple pieces that'll make your wardrobe feel grown up without you having to spend grownup money.

The No Dress Code Dresser

Whether you had to wear a uniform or were sent home early from school due to what you were wearing, you're ready to fully embrace the idea of no dress code. Showing up to class in pajamas because you were late? That's allowed. Throwing on a t-shirt dress and some sneakers even though the dress is above $1 above your knee? That's allowed. H&M is full of transition pieces that'll help you go from fall to summer no matter what look you're feeling.

The "I just threw this on" Stylist

Everything you touch turns into an Instagrammable outfit. Doesn't matter if you're wearing a t-shirt and shorts or a painstakingly planned head-to-toe getup, you can rock literally anything. And guess what... H&M has literally anything whether it be something for a wedding or just to hit the gym, you can find it there.

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