An (ex) slacker's guide to class registration

A class registration guide + tips for those that may have dabbled in slackery….

Alright, first a disclaimer...By no means am I recommending that you make critical decisions regarding your education around partying and free time. Now that that’s out of the way, and in the spirit of entering college with eyes wide open, here’s knowledge I will pass on which I wish was shared with me, a reformed slacker. Learn from my mistakes young lads and lasses.

1. Don’t schedule 8 a.m. MWF classes if you don’t have to

Just because you have great discipline getting up at 6 am while in high school, avoiding detention and being in home room by 730 a.m. doesn’t mean it will be that easy in college. It’s a whole different ball game. You are up late, you are doing things, you have the choice not to go (even if it will most certainly bite you in the @ss later.). Set yourself up for success and take the later class (if you can!)

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2. Try to avoid Friday classes!

Avoiding Friday classes is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It frees you to have fun on Thursday, take a whole day to go hiking, exploring your new city, catch up on work or visit friends at other fun schools. College is a rare time between high school and real life that you will have this luxury. Take it!

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3. Make sure you don’t mess around with required classes.

Hit your required class quota each semester. Taking that badminton/volleyball class instead of physics will most certainly catch up with you. You will end up taking summer classes or doing an extra year to make up for it (true story).

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4. In the early days, identify the smart people in your class and make friends with them.

Not wanting to let them down will help you rise to the occasion but also benefit by being in their study groups and project groups.

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With all that said, have fun, lean into learning all kinds of awesome new things (from dorm etiquette to art history) and crush it freshies!

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