9 things people with reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder are sick of hearing

Summertime Sadness

In many parts of the world, the weather is getting warmer and millions of people are breathing a sigh of happy relief. You hear about Seasonal Affective Disorder all fall and winter long, and in many cases, you see it in your friends. Lethargy, sadness, antisocial tendencies...it’s no fun at all for those who suffer from it.

But if you’ve always felt like the summer months leave you sad, tired, and generally bummed, you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing, and it affects roughly 1/10th of all SAD cases.

For those who don’t get summertime sadness, here are a few things that we’re sick of hearing in the warm months.

“Come on, it’s soooooo gorgeous out!!!”

I mean like… sure, it’s great that it’s not hailing out right now. But regardless of how “nice” the weather is, it makes me sad and tired and cranky, and I’m not sorry about it.

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“I don’t think seasonal depression in the summer is… a thing….”

I mean, ok, think what you want, but you’re objectively wrong. And kind of an assh*le.

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“You’re wasting the nice weather”

No, I’m not. The sun is an evil, soul-sucking orb that exists just to make me miserable. I don’t think staying inside instead of getting sweaty and sunburnt is a huge loss.

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“What do you meeeeeean you don’t like summer???”

What I mean is… I don’t like summer. Maybe it’s the best if you don’t wake up every day and groan and then cry. But I can’t relate.

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“Let’s spend every day at the beach this summer!!!”

Let’s not. Let’s actually spend every day in bed, watching Netflix, with the blinds shut. Snacks are welcomed.

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“Isn’t it great not having to wear a coat?”

Like...sure? But I’d rather be bundled up and HAPPY than sweaty and miserable.

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“How can anyone hate warm weather?”

Idk? I didn’t choose to be sad from April-September???

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“Are you sure you’re not just being pessimistic?”

Are you sure YOU’RE not “just being pessimistic” all WINTER?

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“Come on, you just need to embrace summer”

Umm...Isn’t being a human even though I’m miserable enough?

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All my fellow cold-weather people: we’re all in this together. We can do this. Regardless of how far away it may feel, remember:

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