9 Halloween t-shirts that'll kill at any party

Creeping it real

We’re shockingly deep into October already (September? I hardly knew her!) so naturally the invites to all of those Halloween parties are starting to roll in. Sometimes the parties are actually too intense and too plentiful and you spent all of your money on one big perfect costume but obviously you need to mix it up for the sake of social media costume exhaustion.

Or maybe you don’t really love getting dressed up? Maybe you’re the Jim Halpert of your friend group and it’s just not for you. That’s okay too! Lucky for all of us, you can capture the spirit of Halloween with a single t-shirt these days.

1. Go for IT

Does your roommate creepily whisper “WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE” to you while you sleep or just mine? Either way, IT is the movie of the season, so this t-shirt from RIPT Apparel is bound to be a hit wherever you go.

An image

2. Just add PSL

Honestly, we’re all fighting this “basic” thing a little too hard. Nothing could possibly convince me you’re more “basic” than this t-shirt from Mod Cloth, but I STILL LOVE IT. Add something pumpkin spiced for full effect. Just stop fighting it already.

An image

3 & 4. Be honest, this party isn’t your priority

Like we mentioned previously, you might have spent all of your money on one great costume for the big party of the season, so it’s totally okay to be honest and confess that this t-shirt was really all you could afford for this second-rate event. Also, if you pop on this awesome Bite Me shirt, if someone asks you where your costume is, you can just point right to your shirt?

An image

5. Follow your dreams

This shirt is applicable for everyone in college (CHASE YOUR DREAMS EVEN IF THEY'RE SCARY!) and that Freddy cartoon is borderline adorable. Actually, after this school week, I’d probably welcome a Freddy nightmare/death. Too dramatic?

An image

6 & 7. So I creep

Sport this ASOS gem featuring “I ain’t scared” at that haunted house you’ll be hiding behind your girlfriend during. For a truly timeless scary t-shirt look, the twins from The Shining are guaranteed to spook the people you’re with, grab it at Urban.

An image

8. Middle fingers up & I don’t give a fuh

This Nasty Gal t-shirt because it combines our two great loves; profanity and Halloween.

An image

9. It could happen to you

We’re DYING over this Nasty Gal collection featuring common everyday things you’d say or hear in horrifying prints. Is there anything that makes your heart beat faster than “STORAGE ALMOST FULL” ?? Us either.

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