3 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

So, you want an awesome Halloween party but getting your place decked out in cobwebs can end up being pretty pricey. Check out these three cheap and easy DIY ideas for creating a creepy feel to your college apartment!

1. 3-Step Bunting

This could not be easier, all you need is some ribbon or string, some mini pegs or tape and some Halloween shapes! We used foam skulls and pumpkins but you could use bats, witch's hats or scary cats! Step 1, cut out your shapes. Step 2, cut your length of ribbon or twine to desired length. Step 3, peg the shapes onto you ribbon and hang! It's super easy and really effective. I obviously really enjoyed creating this! ‌

2. Creepy Ice-Cubes

Another unbelievably easy Halloween decor hack that is really effective. Grab some plastic spider and simply freeze them into an ice-cube tray. Now your guests can have a creepy cocktail or two! DIY-halloween-decor-1

3. Pumpkin Party Favors

Now these guys are super cute and are really easy to make. They're full of candy are are just ready to pop open! All you need is tissue paper in orange and green, some tape, scissors, a black pen and candy to fill it up with. Chuck some candy into the middle of your tissue paper and scrunch it up so you're holding all the edges, tape it together and add green tissue paper. Then just add your face and you're ready to go! pumpkin-favours-6pumpkin-favours-3pumpkin-favours-5  

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