8 things you didn't know you could get at Sam's Club

We all know that Sam's Club has millions of items in bulk....

However, it has a lot of great things that you DON'T need to buy in bulk as well! Check them out!

1. A Drone

An image It’s summertime, and you need something to fill your time now that you are done studying. Why not pick up a new hobby? Learn to fly this drone and make some sweet video shots!

img source

2. Perfume Sets

An image Looking for a new scent this summer? Grab a whole set, or just a single bottle. Either way, you'll be smelling amazing!

img source

3. A printer

An image Wanting to print out all your pictures from your amazing year to decorate your room? Well, you don’t need to go to a tech store, you can grab one from Sams’s Club!

img source

4. A Ninja

An image No, not an actual ninja... but the kick-butt ninja blender. This will keep your summer full of fresh fruit smoothies, or maybe even a fresh fruit cocktail.

img source

5. A new mattress

An image Is your back killing you from sleeping on your dorm's lumpy twin XL? Treat yourself to a new memory foam queen-sized mattress. Only downside is that it will make going back to school a bit harder.

img source

6. Luggage

An image Planning a fun trip this summer? Well if not, you SHOULD so you can buy yourself some awesome and stylish luggage.

img source

7. A pool float

An image Okay, so this is more like a float for a lake or river but either way you and your crew can be lounging in style in the sun this summer.

img source

8.So. Much. Candy

An image So you’re waiting till next year to perfect your summer body? No problem, me too! This 52 count of Mars chocolate will be keeping me company this summer!

img source

You can get these and so many more products from Sam's Club. Enter the giveaway [on the UNiDAYS app] (https://www.myunidays.com/US/en-US) today for the chance to win $100 to Sam's Club!

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