8 gingers we'd like to kiss for Kiss a Ginger Day

I mean...duh

People say gingers don’t have souls, and if that's true, then any 8 of these gingers could take my soul.

1. Prince Harry

I mean come on, who else would we pick as number one? Not only is he super cute, but he is a PRINCE (aaaand he is actually a good guy!). If you like the bad boy reputation, don’t worry. He's dabbled in that area. An image Gif source

2. Ed Sheeran

Who doesn’t love a musician? Not only is he a cute ginger, but he’s got connections to T Swift. You get a cute guy and could possibly be friends with one of the coolest pop stars around. An image Gif source

3. Emma Stone

She’s a queen. Although she has rocked every color hair for movies, we all know she looks best in her natural red. An image Gif source

4. Amy Adams

Another queen. Whether she's singing about knowing someone loves you, or playing a tragic detective, she covers all bases. She and her red hair look great in all roles. An image Gif source

5. Eddie Redmayne

Another brit! I have to say he's not as cute as Prince Harry, but he does win second place as the country of England's cutest redhead. An image Gif source

6. Isla Fisher

We love a comedic redhead! She and her husband kill the comedy game, but she alone kills the red hair game. An image Gif source

7. Rupert Grint

Don’t even try to tell me you didn't think he was cute when you watched those Harry Potter movies. At any age, I am a fan. An image Gif source

8. Prince Harry

Just once more for good measure. An image Gif source

Hero img source

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