The 7 most magical Harry Potter moments

Just.... Harry

That's right everyone. July 31st marks the boy who lived's birthday and we here at UNiDAYS are celebrating it in style with a little round up of some of the most ~magical~ moments from the books and films. In case you're wondering why we picked 7, it's easy... there are 7 books (and 8 movies but really 7). Take a moment to celebrate Harry's 38th birthday and kick back and relax. Maybe blow out some candles, you do you. Also... SPOILERS are ahead.

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1. Harry meets Hermione and Ron

Sometimes I like to think on what would've happened had Harry met Draco first. Luckily we never have to find out (or you could by looking up THOUSANDS of fanfiction stories dedicated to that sole idea). And if we're all being honest, Harry wouldn't have survived without these two which is why it gets to be our favorite moment of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

2. When we found out Tom Riddle was Voldemort

I mean, it was somewhat obvious that's where it was headed. Then again, I do remember reading the books and just wondering who on Earth Tom Riddle could even be. I was even fooled for a hot second that Hagrid might actually have been the heir to Slytherin all along. Fun fact, to form the anagram "Je suis Voldemort" in the French translations, Riddle's name is Tom -Elvis- Jedusor.

3. Discovering Scabbers was actually Peter Pettigrew

Mind. Blown. We spent almost the entirety of the book/film thinking Sirius was out to get Harry to finish what he'd started, only to find out one of the beloved Weasley pets was in fact the reason James and Lily Potter died.

4. Hermione appearing for the Yule Ball

GET. IT. GIRL. Puberty isn't kind to anyone and who wouldn't jump at the chance to fix a few things after a spell gone wrong? Plus she was asked by THE Viktor Krum to the ball. It was the ultimate revenge on Ron's pettiness even though Hermione hadn't planned for it and genuinely enjoyed Krum's company even though they didn't have much in common.

5. The prophecy is revealed

The catalyst that started it all. For the past four films/books we'd known that Voldemort was after Harry due to a prophecy but we didn't know what the prophecy was. Nor did we know that the prophecy could've referred to not one but TWO different people (Neville and Harry) with Voldemort making the ultimate decision as to who it was.

6. The Slug Club party

The book definitely varied from the film but if you say you weren't laughing during this whole scene, you're lying to yourself. One of my favorite books (but least favorite movies) there's so much WTF going on it was almost too hard to pick one magical moment. The quidditch tryouts were pretty great too. Anything with Cormac McLaggen really.

7. Snape actually having been a double agent the whole time

The Prince's Tale is LITERALLY my favorite chapter out of all the books. Was Snape a good guy? Debatable. But the fact that he'd been on the good side was one of the better plot twists I think I've ever read. It made his death all the more poignant and the fact that Harry named his son after him had me bawling. The movie didn't quite do it justice but after the third movie my expectations were so low I didn't care anymore.

Happy 38th birthday Harry Potter!

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