7 times Emma Watson proved she is a real princess

Hey Disney lovers! It seems like we’ve been waiting for as long as for the final rose petal to fall but the return of our old-time favourite tale is finally happening. Beauty and the Beast live-action remake is hitting the big screens on March 17 and I can’t keep calm anymore. The world premiere of the Disney film took place in Hollywood last week and it’s all about Emma Watson RN.

She might have only been crowned as a princess, but we’ve always bowed down to her. So be our guests to our top Emma Watson princess moments.

1. Her fashion sense

Only in her twenties, Emma’s one of the most influential style icons. Since her first ever movie premiere back in 2001, she’s never had a dull fashion moment. This girl knows how to rock the red carpet. Always sophisticated and elegant, the talented star dresses like a true royalty.

2. Her brains

Juggling a career and education at such a young age may seem impossible for many, but not for Emma. In 2014 Emma graduated from Brown University with a first-class degree in English Literature. She then uploaded a graduation selfie on Twitter proving again she’s not just a pretty face.

3. Her taste in men

Who would have thought that when Emma admitted her first crush on Prince William 16 years ago, she would end up marrying a true prince? Hey, it might not be the Buckingham Palace but she knew her place was in a castle, even if enchained.

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4. But she never needed one

Every girl wants to be her and every guys wants to date her. And can we BLAME them? But not only does she have the looks and brains too, Emma is a strong independent woman who needs no man. Focusing on her career and education, single Emma is JUST killing it.

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5. Her powerful speeches

Emma Watson appears to be one of the most influential women on the planet these days. Since she appeared on our screens as Hermione Granger she’s been a role model for all of us. She stands for feminism, she became the face of the United Nations, she defends her beliefs and she was recognised by the UK fashion industry. Do we need to carry on? Emma is EVERYTHING.

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6. Her confidence

Let’s face it! Achieving so much at the age of 26 wouldn’t be this easy with a lack of confidence. Emma always speaks and acts like a lady. She knows the importance of morals and educations. She knows how to present herself and in what manner. And let’s not forget that time she said she got her role in the Harry Potter movies because she is worth it when she was only 11 years old. We know right, SASSY AF!

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7. She's down to earth

Yes, she might be a worldwide icon but she is not your average bossy celeb. She is sweet, nice and funny. She appreciates her fans and loves her family and friends. If we can’t be her, can we at least be friends with her? PLEASE!

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