7 pieces of tech you can't go back to school without

Going back to school can be tough

It can be even tougher if you don't have the right tech to set yourself up for success. I'm not necessarily talking about all new tech, but new tech CAN help. After all, your battery life will lessen as the years go by and soon enough you'll have to have your phone or laptop plugged in ALL the time to use it. If you're in the market for some new gadgets, below are just 7 that can help you in the new semester.

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1. Anti-Virus software

Picture this: you're working on your final project and decide you want to watch something that's not on Netflix. Rather than stream it through Amazon Prime or Hulu, you decide you're going to stream it from a less than reputable site. All of a sudden your computer is inundated with spam then it completely shuts off. This could've been avoided had you had the proper anti-virus software. Lucky for you, Kaspersky Lab is currently 15% off and can make sure that's a future that doesn't come true.

2. A portable speaker

This is something you always forget about until it's too late. Headphones are cool and all but when there's a group of you trying to listen to a playlist, a laptop speaker just doesn't cut it. Ultimate Ears has a variety of options that can fit any need from pregames to studying outside.

3. Headphones you won't hate

I mean, you could stick with the headphones you picked up on a whim at the drugstore or you could invest in ones that'll last you all 4 years of school and then some. Jaybird headphones are designed specifically with working out in mind but don't let that stop you from using them to listen to music while studying or watch Netflix with them. The quality is just THAT good.

4. A flat-screen TV

This is another one of those tech items you don't think about until you actually need it. You can actually get up to 30% off Samsung QLED TVs for a limited time which means.... you no longer have to be stuck watching your favorite shows (cough The Office cough) on a tiny 13" screen. Or you could, it's really your choice.

5. A camera to capture everything

College is all about making memories. While your phone is certainly a great way to capture anything that goes on, a GoPro will take capturing memories to the next level. There are accessories for the GoPro that make it easy to wear and after enough footage you can even put together your own videos (which is a little cooler than just posting something on Instagram).

6. A keyboard

If you're more of an iPad or Tablet user, taking notes can be a b*tch. That's where Logitech comes in. Besides having accessories for your laptop, they also have some great keyboard options for your tablets. Just connect that badboy and you're ready to take any and all notes without the bulk of a laptop or notebook.

7. A new laptop

One of the first purchases I made when going to college was a new laptop. My old one had been great for browsing but was the worst when it came time to working on anything or even attempting to do research. My advice to you is to think about what you really need the laptop for before making any purchasing decisions (i.e. do you need it for creative work like photoshop or do you need it for excel?). You can save up to $200 AND get beats wireless when you buy an eligible Mac or iPad pro from Apple.

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