7 pants that'll show that turkey who's boss

Thanksgiving is here and that means it's time pick the perfect outfit as you chow down on a feast fit for royalty. You WILL overeat and do not try to argue as it's the rule of Thanksgiving. If you're going to stuff yourself, might as well center your outfit around the idea of eating. You can still look fabulous and be comfortable. Just check out these 7 pants that even Joey Tribbiani could eat a whole turkey in.

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1. A pair of loose fitting or stretchy denim

Hear me out. I know that jeans are about the last thing anyone wants to wear BUT a great pair of denim will make you look amazing (even after that sixth piece of pie). Plus, is there anything more satisfying than unbuttoning your pants after a great meal?

2. A nifty pair of overalls

A nice oversized pair of overalls (even a fitted pair) are a great way to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast. They're extremely comfortable and an excellent way to avoid any muffin tops after partaking in muffin tops.

3. A comfy set of sweats

Sweatpants were made for big meals. That's just a fact. Keep comfy and cozy as you go for that third helping of mashed potatoes and look fly while doing so.

4. A set of super snuggly cords

Cords are a fall fashion staple. No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without them. Feel nice and cozy as you let the after-turkey feeling set in.

5. A sleek pair of joggers

Although similar to sweatpants, you can't go wrong with a stretchy pair of joggers. They're basically sweatpants's sophisticated cousin. You can dress to impress with them yet still have room for more dessert.

6. A classic khaki (with a twist)

Who doesn't love pockets? A nice pair of khakis will have you looking your best in front of your family. However, the cargo pockets on the side will allow you to stock up on rolls without having to make multiple trips.

7. A relaxed trouser

Kick back and relax as the food comes to you. Sit through dinner without worrying whether or not your pants are going to pop. Pair the brightly colored, relaxed trousers with your favorite graphic tee and some slick sneakers to have the easygoing attitude that says "Yes, I will have another serving of yams."

All of these pants can be purchased with your UNiDAYS discount! Go forth and don't worry about whether or not your pants are going to rip after that last bit of pie. Show the turkey who's boss and happy eating!

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Source: Joey Tribbiani, Dancing

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